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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

A Nameless Man is the seventy-second episode of the anime.


Inspector Lunge searches for Roberto in the Hotel Bergbach. Roberto finds him and shoots him from the back. Lunge is wounded and falls to the floor. Roberto then points his gun to Lunge. A gunshot is heard.

People mourn Grimmer's dead in the Hotel Versteck. Tenma leaves the room, followed by Franz Bonaparta who tells him that he will go with him to Hotel Bergbach. Tenma tells Bonaparta about the letter found at The Red Rose Mansion given to him by Grimmer. In the letter, Bonaparta addresses Anna, the twins' mother. Bonaparta explains and confesses that he fell in love with the twin's mother and then how he planned the incident at the mansion in which he killed everyone who knew Anna, the twins and about the experiment.

At the Hotel Bergbach, Roberto is seen lying on the bed, severely wounded and bleeding. Lunge questions him about his identity and his relation with Johan. Roberto tries to trick Lunge with mind games, telling him about his failed career and his failure as a husband and father, but Lunge does not fall.

After a fight, Roberto reveals that he escaped from Kinderheim 511 and that one day Johan appeared after him, who helped him recall his only memory: how we looked forward to the warm cocoa given to them at the orphanage every week.

Bonaparta remembers how, in 1986, he visited the Lieberts, asking to see the twins, before the tragedy in which Johan killed the Lieberts and asked Anna to shoot him. He then explains how after that incident he ran away and hid in Ruhenheim. Bonaparta tells Tenma that he created a monster and Tenma replies that he revived it.

Back at the Hotel Bergbach, Roberto tries to strangle Lunge and tells him that Tenma is the only one who will remain standing, that is Johan's calculations. Lunge manages to knock Roberto down and, again, asks him about Johan's whereabouts.

Nina and Rudy Gillen arrive to Hotel Versteck and Wim points a gun at them. After recognizing Nina from the drawings at Bonaparta's mansion on the hill, he explains her that there were several drawings of twins. Nina asks Wim about the location of this place and she infers that Johan might as well be there.

Nina and Gillen go to the Vampire's Mansion, but do not find Johan there. Nina stares at Bonaparta's drawings and recalls the event at The Red Rose Mansion where everyone was dead and what happened that night in 1986 at the Liebert's house. She then tells Gillen that Johan has already went into town to finish everything.



  • Heinrich Lunge: "So you're... Roberto."
  • Roberto: "I don't have a name."
  • Heinrich Lunge: "As an officer, I should at least know the name of the man who killed me."
  • Franz Bonaparta: "The greatest sin is to take away a person's name."
  • Franz Bonaparta: "If only the rain would wash everything clean. Fear, hatred, sadness... But the truth is that it does exactly the opposite. It makes things swell up even larger."
  • Franz Bonaparta: "I created a monster..."
  • Kenzo Tenma: "... I revived that monster."
  • Herbert Knaup: "A devil came to this town!"
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