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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

A Pleasant Dinner Table is the sixty-second episode of the anime.


At the Jahreszheit Hotel in Frankfurt, Tenma sees Peter Čapek and The Baby escorted by two bodyguards. Ready to follow them, Tenma hails a taxi, but as soon as he enters into the car, two police cars arrive. Tenma escapes but, while he is running, he gets hit by a van.

Tenma wakes up at the house of Milan Koláš, a dentist who has already treated the injuries suffered from the accident. Koláš lives with people from different nationalities who have lost their loved ones.

Tenma finds pictures and a report on Čapek in Milan's room. Milan tells him that he is going to kill Peter Čapek. Koláš explains that Čapek used to be his friend but escaped into Germany from Czechoslovakia in 1989 and settled in Frankfurt.

Koláš then tells that Čapek later became a teacher and children attending their lessons started committing suicide and one day the children tried to kill each other, one of those kids was his son, who committed suicide shortly after.

After the riot, Koláš explains, Čapek dissappeared but then came back as the leader of an underground organization with ties to the far right and he started attacking foreigners, including a fire in the Turkish district in 1996. Koláš then points out that all the people living with him lost someone because of Čapek.

That night, Koláš wakes up Tenma, asking him where did he put his gun. Tenma says he cannot allow him to kill Čapek. Koláš, who grabbed Tenma's gun from his coat, points it at him demanding him to give the gun back, but Tenma again tells that he should not kill Čapek. Koláš explains that he helped Čapek escape in 1989 and he now feels guilty for doing so, because, to him, Čapek is the devil. The next day, at the convention center, Koláš tries shooting Čapek, however, he fails and is killed by the police.

Nina arrives to Frankfurt. There, she sees the news report from Čapek's assassination atempt and recognizes him from The Red Rose Mansion, as the one who took Johan away from the Three Frogs.



  • Milan Koláš


  • Milan Koláš: "I'm going to kill Peter Čapek."


  • Milan Koláš mentions that he and Peter Čapek lived in a town near the Austrian border, this could be Český Krumlov, that is about half an hour from Austria.
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