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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Be My Baby is the fifteenth episode of the anime.


At the Frankfurt Main Station, Tenma meets Detective Messener, who is no longer a detective and is now an addict, looking for information regarding the Fortner's murder. Messener tells Tenma that he was only the lookout, the one who killed Nina's foster parents was Michael Müller. Messener also reveals that someone tried to kill him to keep his mouth shut but was saved by a syndicate leaded by a person called The Baby. Messener tells Tenma that he can find The Baby at a bar named Candy and that he also gave Nina that same information.

Nina covers up as a prostitute while trying to find information about Johan's whereabouts and goes to the Candy. Nina meets The Baby, who tells her that he know everything about her life, even her old name: Anna Liebert. Nina asks The Baby where is Johan, mentioning that she has to kill her.

Tenma rushes to the Candy to try to save Nina. A Turkish prostitute warns Tenma about entering there because he is Asian and he might get beated. The prostitute tells Tenma that her friend -Ayse, another Turkish prostitute- was kidnapped by some people at the Candy. Tenma then is hitted by a red Mercedes-Benz.

Nina is taken to a mansion where she meets Günther Goedelitz, who tells her that he is part of the same syndicate as The Baby, a Neo-Nazi group that think that Johan can be the next Hitler. Goedelitz also tell Nina that Johan will come looking for her. Nina stays at the mansion and discovers that Ayse is being held at the mansion.

Tenma is being beaten by The Baby who unveils a plot to burn the Turkish district as a welcome party for Johan. Ayse tells Nina about the exact same plan.



  • The Baby: "Names have so very little meaning."


  • Originally, when The Baby meets Nina and plays a song, the song featured was "Be My Baby" by The Ronettes (as The Baby himself mentions), but in newer versions of the anime, the song has been excluded, possibly due to copyright issues.
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