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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Decision is the thirtieth episode of the anime.


Dr. Reichwein learns from a detective that Richard Brown went to the rooftop of a bulilding in the University of Munich with a bottle of whiskey, drank and then fell to his death. Reichwein doubts this version and visits the bar where the bottle was bought.

A bartender tells him that Richard was at the bar last night and ordered a cup of coffee, but he does not remember if he was alone or with somebody else. Reichwein shows him a picture of Johan but the bartender says he does not remember seeing him and that Richard bought a bottle of Racke whiskey. Reichwein remembers back to when Richard admitted in a session that he slipped a bit in his alcohol recovery; stating it was just one glass so often. But the most prominent part is that Richard states he will only drink Scotch; nothing else. Therefore, Richard did not buy the bottle.

At the U-Bahn, Dr. Reichwein notice that someone is about to push him to the tracks and chases him to a bar and interrogates him about why he tried to push him. The guy and one of his friends beat Reichwein in an alley. Reichwein fights them back and asks them who told them to push him. He says that a big man at the subway gave him money and told him to push Reichwein. Reichwein visits the Red Light District searching for Margot Langer. A prostitute tell him that she does not know where she is, that maybe she left with a new guy: a big man.

Roberto, covering up as a patient, visits Dr. Reichwein's office. Reichwein manages to escape using the backdoor. Roberto chases Reichwein through the fire escape. Tenma arrives to save Dr. Reichwein.



  • Roberto: "It's no good if you learns of dreams you shouldn't know".


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