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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Detective Suk is the forty-third episode of the anime.


Detective Jan Suk, from the Prague police, investigates the crime scene where Inspector Zeman and two other men were brutally killed.

Drunk at a bar, Suk meets a blonde woman who looks like Anna Liebert. Suk tells her about the death of Inspector Zeman. When talking about herself, the woman says that he does not know her name and that the only things she knows about her are "Cedok Bridge" and "the Three Frogs".

The identity of the two men who died along Zeman is revealed as two former sergeants of the Czechoslovak Secret Police. Also, it is informed that blood that did not belong to neither of the three was found at the scene and that a man fitting Wolfgang Grimmer's description was seen walking around the area.

Suk meets Anna again at the same bar, but she leaves. Suk figures out what the Three Frogs means and runs to a house that has a sign featuring three frogs. Tenma arrives to the same place.

While visiting Grimmer's hotel room, who has already left the place, Suk meets Detective Patera. Patera reveals that the late Inspector Zeman was involved in a top secret investigation aimed to undercover former Czechoslovakian Secret Police officers working in the Prague police. Patera asks Suk to keep this information secret and to forget about the case.

Suk finds a key to a locker in Inspector Zeman's office. The locker contains a book with information of all the police station staff except for Detectives Patera and Janáček. Within the locker, Suk also finds an envelope with a large sum of money. Suk brings the evidence to Commissioner Hamrlík.

Detective Patera meets Anna Liebert at the same bar, but she ditches him. Nevertheless, she gives him a packet of whiskey bon-bons.

Back at the police station, Patera, Janáček and Commissioner Hamrlík, who is revealed to be protecting them, talk about how to solve their problem after being discovered by Detective Suk. Patera offers them some of the whiskey bon-bons.

While Suk is seen again in the bar with Anna, Patera, Janáček and Hamrlík die after eating the poisoned candy.



  • Detective Patera
  • Detective Janáček
  • Commissioner Hamrlík
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