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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Disappearance Report is the sixth episode of the anime. It covers the events of chapters 11 and 12 of the manga.


In Heidelberg, Tenma visits the Heidelberg Post and asks the director of the paper, Jacob Maurer, help in finding an article that could help them save Nina from being kidnapped by Johan.

Nina learns from her friends that Otto did not send her any e-mails. Nina then tells Dr. Geitel about her episode and describes seeing Johan being similar to her nightmares.

Maurer finds out that Tenma spent all the night at the newspaper looking for the article. Maurer invites Tenma for lunch and he reveals that her wife left him because he smoked too much.

It is Nina's twentieth birthday and her parents are putting together a celebration. Meanwhile, Nina receives another anonymous e-mail telling her to meet at 7 p.m. at the Heidelberg Castle.

Tenma and Maurer find out the Fortner's address and decide to go there to warn them about the danger Nina might be in. At the same time, Nina prepares to meet with the mysterious person at the castle.

Tenma and Maurer arrive to Fortner's place just to find out that Nina has already gone for her meeting. Tenma leaves to the castle while Maurer stays with Nina's foster parents to explain them what is going on. Maurer tries to use the phone to call the police but he notices that the line has been cut.

At the castle, Nina realizes that everything was a prank and decides to leave. But when she is about to so, she is stopped by a man who tells her that he was asked to make sure that she does not leave.

Tenma arrives to the castle and when the man is about to attack Nina, Tenma stops him. Tenma learn that it was Johan who ordered the man to make sure Nina stayed there until he could finish his job. Tenma and Nina leave the scene and rush to the Fortners' house.



  • Ivan Kürten


  • Jacob Maurer: "Work is more important to a man."
  • Jacon Maurer: "Come back alive... Then I'll quit smoking."
  • Kenzo Tenma: "When you were carried into the hospital your name was Anna. And your brother's name was... Johan."
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