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You only need love in order to develop as a person.

–Erna Tietze to Tenma

Erna Tietze is a social worker who have once taken care of Nina Fortner when she was separated from Johan. Tietze is one of the few people who knew a lot of inside information about the East Berlin orphanage, together with the existence of Kinderheim 511.


She tells Tenma about the evil of 511 Kinderheim and the massacre that happened there.



Another Monster

Weber interviews her about Anna Liebert. She tells him about 511 Kinderheim. Apparently, Tietze knew that much because she was involved in the investigation team created by the new government, and as a member, she saw how the former occupants of the orphanage where psychologically damaged by the curriculum enforced by the system. She said 511 was already up and running 20 years before she joined the work force and she just heard rumors about it. She knew about its name because her orphanage received some of the children 'kicked-out' of 511.