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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Execution is the twenty-ninth episode of the anime.


Richard Brown meets with his ex-wife and gives her an envelope with clipping of the Stefan Joos case, he wants her to give them to his daughter so that she know the truth about his father.

While investigating Johan, Richard goes to Offenbach and visits the Lieberts (not to be confused with the Lieberts from 1986) who tell him that they have a son named Johan Liebert who studies at the university in Munich. Richard keeps investigating and learns that the Liebert's real son died in 1978 and that they altered his son's birth certificate, lost in a fire, to make it look as he never died. Dr. Reichwein tells Richard that he gave Rudy Gillen a picture of Johan in hopes that he can tell if is the same person who asked Peter Jürgens to kill.

Rudy shows Johan's picture to Jürgens who says that he does not know how his friend Johan looks like. Then, Jürgens aks Gillen for a pen and tells him that one day he was in a park when he met Johan. After repeating the phrase "you come too", Jürgens uses the pen to kill himself. Gillen calls Reichwein and tells him that Jürgens suicide was clearly a reaction to Johan's photo.

Richard goes back to his place where he receives a call from Rosemary, his daughter. Afterwards, Johan knocks the door and tells Brown that they met at Schuwald's residence. Johan and Richard go to a bar, where Johan asks Brown if he would like a drink; he refuses. Johan tells Richard that he knows about Stefan Joos case and starts telling him off for shooting Joos when he was a minor. Johan buys a bottle of whiskey.

Johan and Richard go for a walk. Johan tells him that Stefan Joos was in Kinderheim 511. They go to a rooftop, where Johan tells Richard that he executed Joos without having any proof that he committed the murders and that he lied about being drunk while he killed Joos, just to try to make his sin less grave. Johan then questions Richard that if a man who commited such a sin can truly tell his daughter that he has changed his life. Then, Johan offers Richard the bottle of whiskey.

The police visits Dr. Reichwein to tell him that Richard has died.


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