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Herbert Knaup is a known alcoholic in Ruhenheim. He is the father of Wim Knaup.   


He lives in Ruhenheim, with his son Wim Knaup. His wife left him as a result of his drunkenness. Around the time Mr. Konrad went missing, he has been kicked out from a bar, because the bartender refused to let anyone like him who gets money from his son who works for it. Herbert heard the guests inside, talking about how he is suspicious, however guys just laughed at that fact and said that he has no guts to fire a gun and that he is just a cowardly drunk. Those comments made Herbert provoked and he noticed an elderly couple, offering him a gun (a couple was ordered by Johan to give guns to the certain people in the town). He rushed into a bar, but when he arrived, everyone was already dead. He had felt that the "devil" has come to the town to destroy it. He was the one who shot Johan Liebert at the end. Herbert later described him as a "monster with seven heads and many horns" who was threatening his son. He was later taken to the police for the further questioning. 

Preparing to shoot Johan.


Herbert isn't a bad person, unfortunately his greatest flaw happens to be his excessive dependence for alcohol that destroys him and makes the citizens think of him only as a burden to everyone. Although he treats his son with no attention, forcing him to buy alcohol only for his needs, he is at the end shown to have a deep care for his son, when he shot Johan in order to protect Wim. The police reported that he had an extremely high blood-alcohol after the incident, which proves his infatuation for alcohol.



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  • "A devil came to this town!"