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Hugo Bernhardt is a former French soldier and a trained marksman of the French army. He only appears in episode 9 in the anime and chapter 16 in the manga along with the Burmese girl he adopted from the former Myanmar.


As a soldier

Bernhardt was first recruited for the foreigner division of the Armée de Terre. In 1979, he used his skills acquired from serving the French Army to become a hired mercenary and then participated in a war in Nicaragua.  From 1981 through 1984, he aided Afghan anti-government guerillas of his own accord during the Soviet invasion and in 1987, using his mercenary skills, he played an integral role in the assassination of Islamic leaders by collaborating with the Israeli Mossad. Once, when he and his troop were raiding a jungle in Myanmar, he ran into a hut and saw a woman aiming an AK-47 at him. He instantly shot the woman, but he thoughtfully carried the girl with her and let her live in Germany with him.

Marksmanship Seminars


He taught trainees all about guns and how to efficiently use them.  His seminars include physical training to improve bodily kinesthetic and the training proper for shooting. Inspector Lunge interrogates him for information about Tenma because of this.

Training Dr. Tenma

Dr. Tenma came to him at his home in the mountains and pleaded him to train him in marksmanship. His standard operating procedure in training to better master their guns is to completely forget of their former experience with guns. Tenma's case, however, is different, because he is the only trainee with zero knowledge of guns whatsoever. They start with the stamina building part of the training, with Tenma having to jump rope. He is joined in the training by burmese girl living with Bernhardt but does not speak to Tenma.  




  • "Whether he (Tenma) can kill his first person or not... that is where the path splits."