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Come back alive... Then I'll quit smoking.

–Jacob Maurer to Tenma when he decides go looking for Nina to protect her from Johan in the Heidelberg Castle

Jacob Maurer (ヤコプ・マウラー, Yakopu Maurā) is a journalist who works as editor of The Heidelberg Post and assists Kenzo Tenma while he investigates more about Johan Liebert's background.


Maurer lets Tenma go through The Heidelberg Post archives.

Maurer works as the editor of The Heidelberg Post. One night, Tenma appears at the paper headquarters and tells Maurer that he needs help in finding an article about a missing child in Heidelberg a few years back. Reluctant at first, Maurer lets Tenma search in the post's archives after the doctor explains that he must find Johan before it is too late; else, Nina Fortner's life may be in danger.

The next morning, Maurer and Tenma have breakfast and he tells him that his wife and daughter left him because he works a lot. Tenma also tells Maurer that he smokes too much and, as a doctor, his advice is that he should quit smoking.

Later that day, Tenma finds an article of an 11-year old boy who disappeared and a missing person report filed by someone called Fortner. By looking through the raw data, Maurer informs Tenma that it is the twins 20th birthday. Maurer and Tenma rush to the Fortners' house.

Maurer tries to contact the police while at the Fortners'.

At the Fortner's residence, Maurer warns the Fortners that their and Nina's lives are in danger. After learning that Nina went to the Heidelberg Castle, Tenma asks Maurer for his car and drives there. Maurer stays with the Fortners and promises to quit smoking once Tenma comes back alive.

Maurer tries to contact the police while at the Fortners' residence, but the phone is broken. Later, Maurer and the Fortners are killed by Detective Messener and Detective Müller, acting on Johan's orders.


Maurer is a man extremely committed to his job, maybe too much: sometimes he stays all night in the post headquarters, he doesn't shower and his wife and daughter left him because he works a lot.

Maurer might look like a cold person, but he is actually willing to help. This is the reason why he helps Tenma in his investigation and why he later stays with the Fortners.



  • "Work is more important to a man."
  • "Come back alive... Then I'll quit smoking."


  • Maurer smokes Lucky Strikes.