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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Left Behind is the fourteenth episode of the anime.


Inspector Lunge investigates the murder of a prostitute, despite having other cases to work on. Back at his office, he is visited by Eva, asking when will Tenma be arrested. Lunge explains to Eva that he has concluded that Johan is one of Tenma's personalities, therefore, he considers the case solved, only waiting for the police to catch him.

Lunge finds the name of a Member of the Parliament, Joseph Boltzmann within the murdered prostitute's client list. Lunge thinks the MP might have been involved in the crime.

Lunge gets back to his home to find out that his wife and her daughter are leaving him. Also, he finds out that her daughter is pregnant. He receives a call from Borzmann's secretary telling him to come over so he can find the truth about the prostitute's murder. Lunge leaves his wife and daughter.

Lunge arrives to the MP's residence where his secretary has already commited suicide, leaving a note saying that Borzmann is innocent. Back at the police station, the BKA chief informs Lunge that the prostitute case has been transfered to another detective, leaving him with only one case: the middle-age couples murders.

While Eva is saying goodbye to one of her lovers, she discovers the gardener looking at her. Eva notices how beautiful the garden is and asks him if he has the confidence to make her happy. Eva takes the gardener for dinner to a fancy restaurant. The gardener sleeps with Eva. When he is leaving, Eva mutters Kenzo's name in her sleep.

At Eva's residence, the gardener finds Eva drinking again. Eva tells him how Tenma killed his father and escaped. Then, she shows him a picture of Johan and his late father at Eisler Memorial Hospital adducing that a kid could not have killed Dr. Heinemann. The gardener points out that it seems like Eva still loved Tenma but explains that he can also try yo make her happy. Eva tells him she was just messing around with him. The gardener tells Eva he is having a Christmas dinner and that she can come if she wants to.

The gardener and her daughter, Coletta, are having a Christmas dinner. The gardener hints that someone else might be coming for dinner as well. To his surprise, his ex-wife arrives for dinner. Eva also arrives for dinner, looks through the window and finds out the gardener, Coletta and Coletta's mother having dinner.

Eva comes back home and burns the garden. The next day, Eva visits Inspector Lunge again.



  • Eva Heinemann: "He killed my father and ran away!"
  • Eva Heinemann: "Until I stop this man's breathing... I can't be happy."

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