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This is a list of character appearances and short summary per episode.


Episode 1: Herr Doctor Tenma


Dr. Kenzo Tenma, 2 unnamed doctors, turkish woman, turkish boy, Eva Heinemann, two TV reporters, Udo Heinemann, Rosenbach, Dr. Becker, Dr. Oppenheimer, Dr Boyer, Dr. Eisen


Dr. Kenzo Tenma realizes that he's being used a pawn in the machinery of politics that is a hospital and his ethics are shaken. He decides to do something about it and break the chain by saving a young boy.

Episode 2: Downfall


Eisler Memorial Medical Staff, Dr. Tenma, Eva Heinemann, Johan Liebert, Anna


Liebert, Egon Weißbach


Dr. Tenma decides to operate on the young boy who came in first even though he has been assigned to operate on the Mayor of Dusseldorf who arrived later.  The Mayor dies and the boy survives, but this plays against Dr. Tenma's promotion and engagement with Eva Heinemann.  Dr. Tenma tells this -- and that he wishes his superiors would die -- to the young boy he saved, who is seemingly in a comatose state.

Not long after the boy wakes up, and the hospital uses the twins' condition for promotion, much to Dr. Tenma's dismay.  The young boy then murders the doctors who Tenma told him he was angry at and the twins flee from the hospital.

Episode 3: A Murder


Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Inspector Heinrich Lunge, Eva Heinemann, Adolf Junkers, Karl (Child) ,


Dr. Tenma is woken up at a very early hour with the news that Director Heinemann, along with doctors Boyer and Oppenheim, died the previous evening.  In addition to that, two


patients in critical condition are  waiting to be operated on and he has to deal with the disappearance of the twins.  Inspector Lunge, a detective from the BKA who is investigating the case, notices the recent events play in favor of Dr. Tenma, and meets him at Dr. Heinemann's funeral. Lunge informs him that the three doctors were killed by nitric acid, a muscle relaxant found in a candy they ate.  The detective also tells Dr. Tenma that the twins' parents were most likely killed as a result of political terrorism. This turn of events makes Dr. Tenma feel like going back to Japan again and answering the true calling of a doctor.

Meanwhile, his operation on Herr Buchner follows through smoothly.  The man has heard about Dr. Tenma's plan to quit his medical career in Germany and persuades him not to.  Ater that, he's called to the Board of Directors' meeting about the reshuffling of personnels and Dr. Tenma being appointed as Chief Surgeon.  After his promotion, Eva Heinemann asks him to take her back, but he turns her away, leaving the woman in anger and disgust.

Following this, there is a nine year skip in the timeline from 1986 to 1995. Dr. Tenma is next seen operating on a lock pick -- Adolf Junkers -- who has received a head injugry after being hit by a car during his flight from the poilce.  Inspector Lunge rushes to Eisler Memorial Hospital to check on Junkers, and meets Dr. Tenma there again.

Episode 4: Night of the Execution


Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Adolf Junkers, Inspector Lunge, Eva Heinemann, Johan Liebert, Doctor Becker,


Dr. Tenma has completed the operation on Junkers and checks on him often.  Junkers utters "the


monster is coming" when asked to speak.  Inspector Lunge then interrogates Junkers while he is recovering and tells him that they know of his abilities as a lock pick, but not as an assassin.  The detective makes a deal with him and says that if he testifies and points out who he was working with and who made the group kill those couples, he can avoid severe criminal charges.  Junkers then enters a state of delirium and the interrogation is put off.  He is assigned a guard to watch over him though because of Lunge's mistrust for Tenma.

Dr. Tenma takes Junkers out for fresh air.  He lectures him with a speech on his "all lives are equal" belief and about how he has to deal with life and death on a daily basis. Junkers then finds the courage to talk to Dr. Tenma and even tells him that although they were not that different in age, he is like his father to him for saving his life and offering words of wisdom.  Then he tells the surgeon about this mechanical clock he really liked when he was a child, which is also the main reason why he became a lock pick.  With this confession, Dr. Tenma encourages Junkers to tell everything to the police so that he can start over.  

Later that night, right before a date, Dr. Tenma sees a mechanical clock that looks just like the one Junkers described.  He buys it and hurriedly goes back to the hospital to give it to his patient, but Junkers is not in his


room and his guard has been killed in an eerily familiar way: a candy with a muscle relaxant.  The doctor runs in the direction of the exit to find Junkers.  Tenma tails him until they arrive at a deserted building, where the lock pick begins shouting at him to not go any further. Junkers' efforts are to no avail though, and Tenma walks in, where he sees a blonde man standing with a gun pointed at his patient.

Johan Liebert shows himself and executes Junkers.  Before that, the lock pick  confesses that he and his mates were hired by Johan, and his the rest of his group was already killed by this "employer" of theirs.  Dr. Tenma tries to convince Johan not to shoot Junkers, justifying his claim with the basis that he knows all aboutthim and could surely get him arrested.  But Johan does not buy it, because he has nt identity, after all.  Johan says his foster parents and the Lieberts had to be eliminated because they knew his past, but he cannot kill Dr. Tenma because he saved him; he regards him as if he were his own father.  Johan also confesses that as a gift in return for saving his life, he killed the doctors who humiliated Tenma so that he could regain his former post all those years ag, and finishes by telling the doctor that all he did was grant him his wish. 

Episode 5: The Girl of Heidelberg


Nina Fortner, Professor Kronecker, Christianne and Erich Fortner , Peter , Dr. Geitel , man from Munich , Dr. Tenma, Johan Liebert



Nina Fortner, one of the twins from the earlier episodes, is now a law major at Heidelberg University with a part time job at pizza delivery. In the episode, she is seen having come late to the class of Professor Kronecker, so she is asked to answer a question about a court ruling no one in the class could answer.  She answered it most convincingly and received the approval of her professor.

Nina returns home after her activities and goes to bond with her parents. After, she receives an anonymous email from a sender who says he was born to smother her with roses (in a metaphorical sense).  She thinks it's just Peter and dismisses the message. The next day, Nina meets with her therapist and counselor Dr. Geitel, and tells him about her recurring nightmare.  Dr. Geitel explains that she became unstable when she came to college because she has many to think of.  After the counseling session, Nina’s therapist writes a psychological report about her being an intelligent person but one with darkness hovering her, trying to overpower her.

Nina continues to show good performance in class, until this one case discussed by Professor Kronecker.  It was aboutthea murder of a family with the parents killed by shooting and the children by strangulation.  Nina starts trembling and loses consciousness. Nina starts trembling and loses consciousness.  When she went home, she


again receives an anonymous e-mail telling that the sender is going to pick her up soon.

Dr. Tenma visits Cologne to track Johan's going from one foster family to another.  He learned that during his stay in Cologne six years ago, he was using the name Michael Reichmann.  Dr. Tenma then remembers about Johan's twin sister.  When he visited Munich, he knew that Johan used another name; Franz Haynau.  An old man knew Johan as a boy and willingly told Dr. Tenma how interesting a boy Johan was.  The old man told Dr. Tenma that Johan looked up to him because he saved his life and he was more important to him than his

Lovely Johan profile.png


The old man informed Dr. Tenma that Franz stayed there with the Haynau couple from March 1987 to April 1988.  He described Franz to be very intelligent and polite, quickly mastered English and French language under his tutelage.  He was also very much amused by the old man’s war stories, especially that of the old man’s escape from death in the U-boat attacked by an Allied Destroyer.  He was interested in man’s behavior on the verge of death and the fear it inspired.  He also said Franz would not open his heart to anyone, save for his sister.  When Dr. Tenma said he was looking for the boy’s twin sister, he said Franz is going to pick her up when she turns twenty in Heidelberg.

Meanwhile in Heidelberg, Nina’s friend arranges her to meet a man who keeps on staring at her in class.  Her friends’ theory is that he is the one sending those anonymous letters.  Shortly after she was approached by the man, Nina sees Johan standing by a huge column, and then she passes out.

Episode 6: The Missing


Dr. Tenma, Jacob Mauler , Nina Fortner, Dr. Geitel, Johan Liebert, Mr. and Mrs. Fortner, Gardener


Dr. Tenma goes to a press company to research about Nina’s whereabouts.  Mr. Mauler would not believe Dr. Tenma’s claim that Nina’s parents and she is in grave danger.  Dr. Tenma’s theory was that Johan used to live with the Fortners and left with the condition of them telling the truth to Nina on her 20th birthday.  Dr. Tenma was thinking that there might be some search notice published and he wants to check them out.  Mr. Mauler gave him filed manuscripts from nine years ago.


Nina again visits her therapist for consultation and told him about the fainting episode that happened when she saw Johan.  She told Dr. Geitel that he seemed familiar to her, and that she was nostalgic.  She felt like he was absolute evil.  She said that maybe she will be able to describe her feelings more if she sees him again, and when she was asked if seeing him would help her recall past memories, she said it would.

The next day, Dr. Tenma was woken up by Mr. Mauler because he was searching until that morning.  Mauler treated him to a restaurant for breakfast.   Later that day, Mauler personally helps Dr. Tenma go through the records and finds the article in question.  They also learns that that day was the twins’ birthday.  

Meanwhile in the Fortner household, the Fortners were thinking how they should reveal the truth to Nina, or if they should even tell it to her.  Nina arrives and goes straight to her room, noticing she was again sent another anonymous e-mail.  It said the sender wants to meet her at 7pm at Heidelberg Castle.  

That night, Nina phones home that she cannot get home early because she is going to meet a friend at the Heidelberg Castle.  Dr. Tenma and Mr. Mauler heads towards the address they found on the article in hope to find Nina.  Mauler recounts his trip to Cologne to check out the middle aged couple murders, and told Dr. Tenma that there were not any feelings involved in the killing, just pure intent to kill.  Mauler states a man not more than twenty years of age could not have orchestrated those emotionless murders. 

After arriving at 16 Nickel Avenue, they asked the Fortners about the twins but refused to answer any questions at first.  Mauler persuaded and they said Nina is at Heidelberg castle.  Dr. Tenma left for Heidelberg Castle and Mauler went to call the police.  However, phone lines went dead.

At the Heidelberg Castle, Nina thought it was just another prank message and was about to leave when a gardener said she has to wait.  Dr. Tenma appears just in time and asked Nina to go with him back to Nina’s house.  The gardener stops them but he gets taken down by Nina and was tied.  The two headed back to the Fortners.

Episode 7: House of Tragedy


Dr. Tenma, Nina Fortner, Detective Messener , Detective Muller , Mr. and Mrs. Fortner, Mr. Mauler



On their way to the Fortners, Nina asked Dr. Tenma about what is going on.  Dr. Tenma told her that she used to be Anna Liebert and that she had a twin brother who goes by the name Johan.  When they arrived to the Fortners, lights were out and no one answered to their calls.  They decided to get in and they saw Nina’s parents and Mr. Mauler murdered in cold blood.  He tried to revive them but to no avail.   Detective Messener and Detective Muller arrived and took them to the police station saying their back up would take over the investigation and that they need Nina’s and Dr. Tenma’s statement.

During the ride, Dr. Tenma wondered why those detectives just left the crime scene without securing the evidence.  Dr. Tenma also wondered why they were headed to the Mannheim Police station rather than the nearer Heidelberg Police.  This further heightened Dr. Tenma’s growing apprehension with the detectives who picked them up until they reached a checkpoint. Dr. Tenma requested the detectives if they could for a moment go out for Nina to get


some fresh air   Detective Muller asked Dr. Tenma, addressing him as ‘Doctor’, if they could get in now.  This, along with the blood he saw on the hem of Detective Messener’s coat, made Dr. Tenma sure of his doubt on these people and he and Nina jumped off the bridge to escape the suspicious police men.

Next morning, the two of them found themselves washed on the riverside with a barn.  Dr. Tenma bought clothes and food for them from the convenience store.  After changing, Nina told Dr. Tenma that she shot Johan as he had instructed her when they were children, after she knew that the death of all those people who had been kind to them had been Johan’s doing. Dr. Tenma then instructed Nina to stay and hide there until he comes back from the police.

Dr. Tenma dropped by the Heidelberg Police station to know how the investigation is going when he saw Messener and Muller.  They were really affiliated with the Mannheim Police and that they were also investigating the murder at Heidelberg Schloss .  Dr. Tenma then phoned the press to make a statement and went back to Nina.  Back at the riverside, Nina could not be found.  Dr. Tenma went inside the barn and saw sandwiches and a letter from Nina.

Meanwhile in the Heidelberg Schloss, Inspector Lunge found an item that would incriminate Dr. Tenma for the murders.

Episode 8: Pursued


Dr. Tenma, Eva Heinemann, Dr. Becker, Eisler Memorial Department Chief, Inspector Lunge, Horace (Eva’s butler)



Dr. Tenma performed his last operation Eisler Memorial.  Inspector Lunge visited Eva Heinemann’s lavish mansion and showed her the piece of evidence he gathered from the Heidelberg Schloss.  It is a neck tie which, by Inspector Lunge’s analysis, points to a store that sells the best goods only to their wealthiest patrons.  Eva told him that she did not remember it, because she gave out so many presents before.  Inspector Lunge told her that the owner of the necktie is the suspect to the murders.  Eva stood on her statement that


she did not know to whom she gave the necktie.

During Dr. Tenma’s daily rounds in the hospital, Eva visited him and asked if he has some minutes to spare.  In their private room, Eva communicated to Dr. Tenma that she did not betrayed him to the police who came asking for her about the necktie. She also posed a deal that if Dr. Tenma accepts her again, she would continue keeping those incriminating information she held.  Dr. Tenma did not even think about it and left Eva for his rounds.  In Eva’s fury, she immediately went to the BKA and confessed everything to Inspector Lunge so that she can get even with Dr. Tenma’s rejection of her.

Dr. Tenma anticipated this move of Eva and straightaway filed resignation.  The arresting officers came to take Dr. Tenma but he already left.

Episode 9: The Girl and the Seasoned Soldier


Dr. Tenma, Inspector Lunge, Hugo Bernhardt, Burmese girl


Inspector Lunge invited Mr. Bernhardt to the Kiesen Police station. He asked him how Dr. Tenma fare as a trainee in marksmanship.  Mr. Bernhardt declined to talk about his students.

Five months ago, Dr. Tenma asked Mr. Bernhardt if he could teach him how to shoot a gun effectively.  Mr.


Bernhardt gave him a jump rope and instructed him to jump rope just like the girl he is keeping.  While training, Dr. Tenma noticed the girl broke no sweat in doing it and praised her for that.  Later that day, Dr. Tenma even loss appetite in exhaustion.  Mr. Bernhardt said proper eating part of the training.

After the meal, the Burmese girl went straight to her room.  Dr. Tenma asked Mr. Bernhardt what his relation to the girl.  He said she is the daughter of the woman Mr. Bernhardt killed as a soldier in Myanmar.  He took the child but she developed selective mutism from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and would not talk to him, not even smile. 

Dr. Tenma finished his basic training and was instructed to come to the firing range.  At the firing range, he was told by Mr. Bernhardt to always fire a gun twice to increase the possibility of success.  By the evening, Dr. Tenma chose to cook the dinner and prepared Nikujaga for them and made chopsticks out of the trees around for more authentic feel.  Dr. Tenma praised the Burmese girl for being good at using chopsticks while he laughed at Mr. Bernhardt who struggled in using it.


A few days later, Dr. Tenma made significant improvement on his shooting skills.  He was also trained in quick dismembering and assembling of a gun.  One time when Dr. Tenma was doing his jogging, he saw the girl preoccupied with something.  He then learned that the Burmese girl rescued a brambling chick and was about to take it home.  Dr. Tenma convinced her to take it back to its nest so that the chick can see its mother again. 

When Dr. Tenma finally mastered shooting, he left the house of Mr. Bernhardt and left behind a note, a prepared meal (Nikujaga again)and a corresponding payment for his services.  While eating the Nikujaga, Mr. Bernhardt again struggled with using the chopstick and could not eat, dropping every potato.  The Burmese girl laughed at her, the first time since she came to Germany.

Episode 10: A Past Erased


Otto Heckel, Dr. Tenma, Bartender , unnamed friend of Erich(Johan), Karl Brandt (lawyer), Max Steindorf (lawyer's subordinate)


Otto Heckel ordered a Manhattan, but the bartender forgot put the cherry in.  Heckel thought it was a sign of bad


luck.  After drinking in the bar, he went straight to the Springer’s mansion to steal some valuable things.  Dr. Tenma caught him but police sirens were heard suddenly and they fled.

Heckel then offered Dr. Tenma a job in the underground but he refused it.  But when he learned Heckel knew a lot about the Springers, he had gone with him to an apartment building.  Heckel pointed him to a man who had Erich as a confidante.  The man told Dr. Tenma a bit about his past and how Erich came talking to him a bar one day.  They shared the same


sentiments, which is why he trusted Erich.  He said Erich even invited him to come over his home, the home of Congressman Springer and his wife, where Erich lived for about a year as their foster son.  Erich revealed to him the bad things about the Springer family and about Congressman Springer’s mistress.  When Erich asked him to eliminate the family for him, he recalled his own mother being someone’s mistress too, and killed them for it.  After saying this, he said Dr. Tenma had no more to hear from him.

The man, however, remembered Erich’s saying that a man will come looking for him, which will prove that his fate has already been decided.  The man said Erich had a message for him in the study of Congressman Springer.  After that, the man pointed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.


Dr. Tenma and Heckel then visited Congressman Springer’s study.  While Heckel is happily counting a few hundred thousand marks he got from the wall safe, Dr. Tenma took a flashlight and took a look around.  He noticed a portrait and took it down, revealing Johan’s message.

When they left the Springer’s Mansion, Max Steindorf fetched Dr. Tenma to see Karl Brandt, a lawyer from East Germany.   He took Dr. Tenma at a safe house with the bloodied Brandt lying on the sofa.  Dr. Tenma refused to treat him at first, but after hearing Brandt’s sentiments, he decided to stop the bleeding from a ruptured artery in his armpit and carried him out to take him to a hospital.  He was threatened by Steindorf not to do it, but he still did.  Police came and Brandt asked Dr. Tenma to put him down and save himself.

Later that day, Heckel made a fuss about him not taking any money from them for his service.

Episode 11: 511 Kinderheim


Dr. Tenma, Erna Tietze, Mr. Hartmann, Dieter


Dr. Tenma went to visit the Lieberts' house in Berlin.  The real estate agent thought Dr. Tenma was interested in buying the house that when he knew he was only there for information about the Lieberts he quickly shoved Dr.

Ep11-01 (east facade).png

Tenma away.  The agent however, pointed him to a certain commercial affairs official living ten houses away.

Dr. Tenma found the official and had a short talk with him.  He learned there that Mr. Liebert took both of the children in from Kinderheim 511.  Dr. Tenma was able to locate Kinderheim 511 and saw the east façade of the orphanage destroyed by fire.  While observing, an old lady walked by and told Dr. Tenma that the building he’s examining is about to be torn down for a supermarket.  She also pointed him to the former Minister of Health living nearby at block 47.

Looking for block 47, Dr. Tenma saw a wounded Dieter and treats his wound.  He ran away after being treated.  Dr.


Tenma found the apartment where Mr. Hartmann is staying and the minister gladly welcomed him in.   Dr. Tenma noticed the frames hung on his wall, and Hartman said they were his former foster children who he cared for after the fall of the Berlin Wall .  He also said he is still taking care of one boy.  They talked about 511 and then Johan and Anna finally entered their conversation.   He said Johan lead a revolution there which made the children run amok.  Dieter comes home, and their conversation was cut off.  Hartmann invited Dr. Tenma to dinner and told him to write in his article (Dr. Tenma said he was a freelance journalist) that “We should raise our children in a proper manner.  How we handle them is important.  Only after doing so will the children have wonderful dreams”.  When Dr. Tenma heard this, he asked Dieter his dream, and he said he wanted a soccer ball.  After Dr. Tenma left he walked on the streets of Berlin and saw a sports shop selling a soccer ball.  He bought it for Dieter and quickly


went back to Mr. Hartmann’s.  But when reached their apartment, he heard Dieter yell and he  swiftly came rushing in.  Dr. Tenma saw Dieter’s wounds acquired from Mr. Hartmann’s beating of him.  Dr. Tenma brought him to a hospital instructing a nurse to not let anyone get Dieter. 

Dr. Tenma visited Kinderheim 47 and asked its matron Erna Tietze to take Dieter in.  She refused at first, saying she cannot just take any child from a stranger at a moment’s notice.  Then Dr. Tenma asked Tietze if she knew Anna and she said she knew her well.  They talked about Anna and her brother Johan.  When the conversation was diverted to Kinderheim 511, Tietze was suddenly defensive.  She said she did all her best so that her orphanage would not be controlled by the internal affairs ministry and turn out like another Kinderheim 511.

Episode 12: Modest Experiment


Dr. Tenma, Erna Tietze, Hartmann, Dieter


Tietze revealed to Dr. Tenma that the main goal of the Kinderheim 511 was to create a band of perfect soldiers through brainwashing and human programming.  She also told Dr. Tenma that there was one person, a child psychologist, who was able to remain in Germany under a false name, and was formerly known as the Minister for Health.

Dieter was treated in the hospital and he looked for his soccer ball when he woke up.  Dieter’s peace of mind however, was short lived, because Mr. Hartmann came to pick him up.  Dieter won’t come, but as Hartmann is his foster parent and legal guardian he was forced to come with him.


Dr. Tenma went back to the hospital to retrieve Dieter but the nurses said he had already gone with Mr. Hartmann.  Dr. Tenma quickly went back to Mr. Hartmann’s house but he could not find them there.  In Mr. Hartmann’s study, he found a stack of pictures of Mr. Hartmann and some kids taken at different times but in the same location.  Looking at the pictures one by one, he saw one picture of the child Johan with some old man Dr. Tenma does not know about.  From that picture Dr. Tenma knew where the pictures were taken from.  Then, Dr. Tenma realized what kind of predicament Dieter was in. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Hartmann took Dieter to the dilapidated Kinderheim 511.  Dr. Tenma followed them there and going in, he saw the soccer ball he gave to Dieter rolling down the stairs.  At the top of the stairs, a weak and bruised Dieter appeared sitting on a big cushioned chair beside a kindled fire.  Mr. Hartmann appeared behind Dieter suddenly, saying Dieter cannot see what Johan saw when he sat in that very chair.  Hartmann said Dieter was another failure, very far from Johan.  Johan predicted that humans are destined to hate and kill each other.  


Hartmann held on to that prediction and continued his experiments on a smaller scale.  He forced on Dieter his ideals to become more like Johan.  He points a long firearm to Dieter, as if to shoot him, but Dr. Tenma stopped him by aiming his gun on him.  Hartmann said Dr. Tenma could not just find and kill Johan.  He also said he should find General Wolf, the first person to discover Johan’s talent and brought him to 511.

Then, Dr. Tenma asked Dieter to come down the stairs and that he can decide for himself.  Hartmann said Dieter won’t go with Dr. Tenma because he is his child, but Dieter slowly left his chair and went down the stairs.  When Dieter reached Dr. Tenma, Dieter reiterated to Mr. Hartmann what Dr. Tenma told him, “Tomorrow is a great day.”. 

The next day, Dr. Tenma instructed Dieter to take the bus heading to Kuenen street and go the orphanage right in front where the bus stops and give the letter to Erna Tietze.  But what Dieter did was to let his soccer ball roll in Dr. Tenma's direction and started following him.  Dr. Tenma told him not to follow him anymore, but Dieter insisted.

Episode 13: Petra and Schumann


Dr. Schumann , Petra , Dr. Tenma, Dieter, Heinz , Pionere (clinic nurse)


Dr. Schumann visited Mrs. Petra, whose son is a policeman, for him to perform check up on her but Mrs. Petra wildly refused.  Then, a village man came with his scooter telling Dr. Schumann there is a person hit by a car and needed his help.  When Dr. Schumann arrived at his clinic, the man had already been performed first-aid by the passer-by who brought him in.  The passer-by left without giving identification but left money for the patient’s expenses with the message, “The man had no money and asked not be sent to a hospital.”.  Dr. Schumann, feeling very much insulted by the stranger’s behaviour, tried to find him.  The nurse protested about Dr. Schumann’s unpredictable reaction because Finck the Drunkard will have to be treated.  Dr. Schumann said not to worry because the stranger treated him wholly.

Meanwhile in a restaurant nearby, Dieter and Dr. Tenma ate their breakfast.  Dr. Tenma said he should not follow


him, and their constant moving will make Dieter unable to attend school and make any friends.   Dieter said he already had a friend n Tenma.  Suddenly, Dr. Schumann appeared and asked Dr. Tenma if he was the one who performed the surgery to the drunkard.  Dr. Schumann gave back Dr. Tenma’s money and said he would never take any money from the drunkard even if he is a worthless person.  Mrs. Petra’s son arrived and it made Dr. Tenma uneasy.  Dr. Tenma and Dieter were about to go and slip away when the policeman approached them.  Dr. Schumann said he is Dr. Chan who visited the village for his vacation and took care of Finck while he was on a house call.  Dr. Schumann told Heinz should have persuaded his mother to let him perform checkup on her, but he said his mother is way too hard headed for him.  When the doctors and Dieter went out the restaurant, Dr. Tenma asked Dr. Schumann why he lied to the policeman for him, and he said it was a gift in return to his quick response to Finck’s medical needs.  Dr. Schumann also said he can repay him if he can help him out a bit.

In line with Dr. Schumann’s request, Dr. Tenma treated as many patients as he could.  Seeing how Dr. Schumann does his charity work, Dr. Tenma became quite amazed at him and admired him.  They arrived at Mrs. Petra’s house and she was still as stubborn as ever.  From there Dr. Tenma knew Dr. Schumann’s feelings for the old Mrs. Petra.  Dr. Tenma tried to convince her to let them check on her, and Mrs. Petra opened the door for them.  Dr. Tenma smelled the steaming Hungarian stew Goulash and he told Mrs. Petra it was Dr. Schumann’s favorite food.  Mrs. Petra told him that if it were not for his stiff shoulders she would have prepared dinner by now.  Dr. Tenma asked her if she could touch her chest with her chin, but Mrs. Petra cannot.  Dr. Tenma held out his hand and fitted it between her chest and chin.  From there Dr. Tenma diagnosed she had developed a subarachnoid hemorrhage and needs immediate medical attention.  Mrs. Petra then lost consciousness and was taken to Dr. Schumann’s clinic. 


At the police station, they received a copy of the wanted list of criminals.  Heinz remembered Dr. Tenma’s face from the criminal profiles they were sent.  At Dr. Schumann’s clinic, he asked Dr. Tenma to perform the operation on her, even if it was too difficult due to incomplete facilities and materials.  During the operation,  Dr. Tenma did his best without the most necessary craniotome.  Heinz came bursting in and pointed a gun on Dr. Tenma but he still continues the operation.

After the operation, Dr. Schumann laid out his life story which was basically like Dr. Tenma’s in so many ways.  Heinz called off his arresting of Dr. Tenma and just went to retrieve a helicopter to for his mother to be taken to a proper hospital. 

Dr. Tenma left for their journey, but Dr. Schumann tried to bargain for him to stay in their village.  Dr. Tenma just asked Dr. Schumann to care for Dieter.  Dr. Schumann insisted Dr. Tenma could many lives there, but Dr. Tenma told him he still needed to kill a man.  Dr. Schumann did not understand what he was saying, so he sent Dieter to follow Dr. Tenma so the Dr. Tenma would not do anything evil.

Episode 14: Left Behind


Inspector Lunge, Mrs. Lunge and Ms. Lunge , Cong. Boltzmann's secretary , Eva Heinemann


Episode 15: Be My Baby


Nina Fortner, Dieter, Otto Heckel, Detective Messener, Kenzo Tenma, The Baby, Ayse's friend, Professor Goedelitz, General Wolf (cameo), Ayse (voice only)


Episode 16: Wolf's Confession


Ayse (voice only), Nina Fortner, Otto Heckel, Dieter, Ayse's Friend, General Wolf, Johan Liebert (cameo)


Episode 17: Reunion


Kenzo Tenma, "Skinhead" gang, Otto Heckel, Dieter, Ayse's friend, Turkishes, The Baby, Nina Fortner


Episode 18: Five Sugars


Kenzo Tenma, Otto Heckel, Dieter, Nina Fortner/Anna Liebert, Rosso


Episode 19: The Monster's Abyss


Rudy Gillen, Peter Jürgens, Kenzo Tenma, Hannah Kemp


Episode 20: Journey to Freiham


Rudy Gillen, Kenzo Tenma, Old British couple, Dieter


Episode 21: Happy Holidays


Barbara (Muller's wife), Fritz (Barbara's son), Detective Muller, Roberto, Nina Fortner


Episode 22: Lunge's Trap


Kipper (from Hamburg Talk), Heinrich Lunge, Giebel , The Jopps


Episode 23: Eva's Confession


Eva Heinemann, Roberto, Dr. Becker, Angelica Belger (state legislator's daughter, flashback), Adolf Junkers (flashback), Johan Liebert (flashback)


Episode 24: Of Men and Dining


Eva Heinemann, Roberto, Dieter, Kenzo Tenma, Otto Heckel, Mob boss , Helmut (the mob boss' bodyguard)


Episode 25: Thursday's Boy


Hans Georg Schuwald , Karl Neuman , Lotte Frank , Nina Fortner, Halenka Novakova (in flashback), Members from the Mystery club, Blue Sophie , Edmund Fahren , Johan Liebert


Episode 26: The Secret Woods


Richard Braun, Julius Reichwein, Martin (detective), Johan Liebert, Karl Neuman, Lotte Frank, Hans Georg Schuwald, Blue Sophie


Episode 27: Proof


Richard Braun, Julius Reichwein, Karl Neuman, Hans Georg Schuwald, Halenka Novakova (in flashback), Johan Liebert


Episode 28: Just One Case


Richard Braun, Julius Reichwein, Dornach CEO Gauck's secretary, Schuwald's former housekeeper's daughter, Hans' friend, Joachim Holmer's wife, Karl Neuman (in flashback), Johan Liebert (in flashback)


Episode 29: Execution


Richard Braun, Richard's ex-wife, Rosemary, Mr. and Mrs. Liebert, Julius Reichwein, Mr. Hertz, Rudy Gillen, Peter Jürgens, Johan Liebert, Martin (detective)


Episode 30: Decision


Julius Reichwein, Rudy Gillen, Richard Braun's ex-wife, Rosemary, Martin, detective, bartender, thugs, Kenzo Tenma, Mrs. Hess, Mrs. Meres, Richard Braun (flashback), prostitute, Roberto


Episode 31: In Broad Daylight


Julius Reichwein, Dieter, Kenzo Tenma, Otto, Karl Neuman, Hans Georg Schuwald, Johan Liebert, Rudy Gillen, Heinrich Lunge


Episode 32: Sanctuary


Karl Neuman, Lotte Frank, Nina Fortner, Kenzo Tenma, Johan Liebert


Lotte meets Nina and notices her looking like Johan. Tenma looks for a way to kill Johan.

Episode 33: A Child's View


Dieter, Martin (child), Julius Reichwein, Hans Georg Schuwald, Johan Liebert, Emil Sebe (mentioned)


A number of children die after falling off the roof of tall buildings. One of them, Martin, survives and talks to Dieter about “the game” leading to those deaths and whose purpose is to determine who are the "chosen ones". It appears Johan has invented the game and that he knows about Tenma’s plan to kill him.

Schuwald intends to give away his book collection to the University. A ceremony is being planned. Johan faints after looking at a book by Emil Sebe.

Episode 34: At the Edge of Darkness


Karl Neuman, Johan Liebert, Blue Sophie (as Red Hindenburg), Roberto, Kenzo Tenma, Vietnamese Girl


A recovering Johan receives a letter from Red Hindenburg (the prostitute pretending to be Margot Langer). She more or less tells him that she had planned and ordered the murders of Richard and the real Margot. A very tired-looking Johan then orders Roberto to kill her, saying that he had enough of these games now that he had found a deeper sort of darkness.

Tenma helps a 17-year-old Vietnamese girl who, despite getting no formal training in medicine, holds a clinic for Asian illegal immigrants. He learns from her that it probably was Johan that killed Blue Sophie, then leaves and refuses to stay in order to help. The girl tells him that he looks close to falling into darkness himself.

Episode 35: My Nameless Hero


Julius Reichwein, Kenzo Tenma, Hans Georg Schuwald, Johan Liebert, Rudy Gillen, Heinrich Lunge, the Lieberts


Lunge tries to get into Tenma's mindset in order to anticipate his next move. Reichwein tells the story of Johan's crimes to his adoptive parents and warns them they might be in danger. They refuse to believe him. Gillen interrogates a killer who knew Johann, probably at Kinderheim 511. Tenma hides in the library the day after the ceremony for Schuwald's book donation, intending to kill Johan.

Episode 36: The Monster of Chaos


Julius Reichwein, Kenzo Tenma, Hans Georg Schuwald, Heinrich Lunge, Nina Fortner, Lotte Frank


Tenma remembers scenes from his past while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Reichwein tells Shuwald about Johan's crimes. The Vampire of Bayern seems to feel a kinship with Johan's monstrosity. Lotte asks Nina whether she has a twin brother and why he might have fainted while reading Sebe's picture book.

Episode 37: The Nameless Monster


Nina Fortner, Lotte Frank, Kenzo Tenma, Hans Georg Schuwald, Roberto, Johan Liebert


The story in the picture book is told as Nina reads it in the book. It concerns an unnamed monster who enters the body of a young prince named Johan and forces him to become a killer, until he's all alone. Nina remembers someone reading it to her when she was a child.

Tenma first finds himself unable to shoot Johan then is prevented from doing so by Roberto, who was ordered by Johan to kill Schuwald.

Schuwald, guessing Johan's plan asks all the guests to leave the library. He had also previously made Karl leave. An unnamed female character puts fire to the shelves. All the doors are locked and the fire quickly surrounds the guests. Johan asks Schuwald if he is afraid and seems to relish the panic and the chaos he has unleashed.

Episode 38: The Demon in My Eyes


Karl Neuman, Nina Fortner, Kenzo Tenma, Hans Georg Schuwald, Roberto, Johan Liebert, Halenka Novakova (flashback)


Karl finds on his father's desk the document he was asked to fetch. It is a detective report about his mother, whose real name was Halenka Novakova, a Czech prostitute born in Prague. Karl learns that she lived the last years of her life before being killed with a boy the same age as his and who reminded his mother of him (it is heavily implied that boy was Johan).

Nina arrives at the library with a gun, wanting to kill her brother. Tenma helps the guests to escape by shooting on the door's hinges then goes back into the flames to find Johan. The confrontation results in Tenma and Nina both wanting to prevent the other from shooting Johan. In the end, Nina shoots first but Johan seems unharmed. The stage collapses, engulfing both Schuwald and Nina in flames while Johan calmly walks away.

Episode 39: The Hell in His Eyes


Karl Neuman, Heinrich Lunge, Julius Reichwein, Kenzo Tenma, Hans Georg Schuwald, Rudy Gillen, Nina Fortner, Lotte Frank, Dieter


Lunge investigates the fire at the library, believing Tenma to be responsible. Karl asks him to look for Johan, who disappeared during the fire. Nina talks to Reichwein, who tries to get her to stop looking for Johan herself.

Schuwald, delirious, tells Karl that he saw "hell" and "three frogs" in "his eyes", without saying the eyes were Johan's. He then asks him to go to Dresden to deliver a message to Tenma, who has to go to Prague in order to look for the twins' mother, who is still alive.

Lotte, Nina, Julius, Rudy and Dieter discuss ways to help Tenma in a restaurant. They all agree that Lunge is not to be trusted since he is convinced that Tenma is responsible for the murders.

Episode 40: Grimmer


Wolfgang Grimmer, Kenzo Tenma


A freelance journalist, Grimmer, looks for documents about East German orphanages in a library. He meets Tenma in the train to Prague and helps him to escape the border police and cross the Czech border. Grimmer meets and interrogates the former director of Kinderheim 511, who lives in Prague under a false identity.

Episode 41: The Ghost of 511


Wolfgang Grimmer, Mikhail Petrov


Grimmer asks Petrov, a former director of Kinderheim 511, about his experiments on the children living there. Petrov is at first reluctant to talk. The next morning, two men in suits with guns come and visit Grimmer in his hotel room. He escapes by the window.

Petrov lives in a big house, surrounded by parentless children, who seem well-treated and to genuinely love Petrov, whom they call Granddad. Petrov tells Grimmer that he had put in place a high-level education programme in Kinderheim 511 and that it was a success until a boy arrived and darkness followed. Grimmer is incensed that Petrov calls that programme "education" and says that all the children from K511 are unable to love. Petrov finds the comment interesting.

Petrov and his maid are shot by a blonde woman. Before dying, he tells Grimmer about the safe in which the documents about his experiments in Kinderheim 511 are hidden, as well as the tape of an interview of the "monster" who brought about the destruction of the orphanage. He reveals that, unlike what he had done in the orphanage, he tried in Prague to raise the children with love. When he dies, the children weep.

Episode 42: The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner


Wolfgang Grimmer, Inspector Zeman


Zeman interrogates Grimmer about how he came to discover Petrov's body and inquire on what is the subject of his investigations. Zeman seems to know already a great deal about Petrov's past. When Grimmer tells him that Petrov had no time to divulge any interesting piece of information, Zeman seems relieved. The children are dispatched to several nearby orphanages.

Grimmer is kidnapped by two Czech men. He soon appears they are working for Zeman, who wants to obtain the key opening the safe. Zeman believes that finding the Monster will enable his "organization" (unspecified at the time) to gather and control all the elite people who were raised in Kinderheim 511 and that the tape is the way to achieve that.

Grimmer is being tortured but refuses to speak (it is implied he gave the key to one of the boys for safekeeping). He tells a story about a West German cartoon he watched when he was a kid about a boy who was times and times again mysteriously saved from peril, not knowing that he could transform into the "Magnificent Steiner" without realizing it and was actually his own hero.

The blonde woman comes and kills one of the men. When Grimmer wakes up, all three men are dead. He leaves with his ever-present bag.

Episode 43: Detective Suk


Jan Suk, Detective Janacek, Chief Patera


Jan Suk is in charge of investigating the triple murder. He was close to Zeman, which he admired and considered as a father figure. Quickly though, his zeal in the investigation, which led him early on to suspect Grimmer then to unearth suspicious activities from some of his colleagues, is hindered by his superior, Patera, who asks him to keep his results to himself because Zeman was involved in a secret operation, trying to identify inside the police force ex-members of the Czechoslovakian Secret Police.

Suk flirts in a bar with a blonde woman who looks like the shooter from last episode. She pretends not to know her own name and to remember only two things from his past: Cedok's bridge and "Three Frogs", which turns out to be the name of an inn in the Old Town. Patera also takes an interest in the woman, possibly to check she's not a threat to him.

Three colleagues of Suk, after discussing about how Suk might turn out to be problem to them, die from eating whisky-flavoured sweets, given to them by a beautiful woman, presumably the blonde woman from before.

Episode 44: Double Darkness


Wolfgang Grimmer, Jan Suk, Johan Liebert (as Anna Liebert)


Suk continues Zeman's investigaion into Pedroff's death. He asks questions to some of the children he helped to raise in Prague. Suk talks to Grimmer and, convinced of his innocence, lets him walk away. Grimmer gives him the key of the bank safe he got back from one of the children.

The Three Frogs is a closed inn from which a woman with a sexually-ambiguous child was taken away in a government car around ten years ago. Her room was destroyed in a fire a few days after. The child was saved from the fire then disappeared without a trace.

Suk continues to confide in the blonde woman, telling her about the progress of his investigation. She advises him not to talk to his superiors. The woman finally gives her name: Anna Liebert. In her room, she removes her wig and is revealed as being Johan in disguise.

Episode 45: The Monster's Afterimage


Jan Suk, Wolfgang Grimmer, Johan Liebert (as Anna Liebert)


Suk's new superior asks for him to be put under surveillance. Suk is seen meeting Grimmer and going with him to the bank to check out the content of the safe. On the audiotape a young boy, presumably Johan, is being interviewed. He talks about Anna as the only thing remaining for him in the world. He also says he has many names and alludes to the nameless monster inside him growing bigger every day. Grimmer seems quite distressed when that tale is alluded to.

Suk comes home to inspectors asking him questions about his meeting with Grimmer. They make a search of his apartment, tell Suk about suspicious amounts of money being deposited to his bank account, find a pack of whisky-flavoured candy and arrest him. He asked to change his shirt in his bedroom (and presumably hide the content of the safe he was bringing back home). When he comes back a few seconds after, the two inspectors are dead, shot in the head. Grimmer, going up the stairs, cross Johan/Anna calmly going back down.

Episode 46: Contact


Kenzo Tenma, Wolfgrang Grimmer, Jan Suk


Tenma hears about Suk's investigation and the deaths that start piling up around him, realizing they bear the mark of Johan's involvement. Grimmer and Suk hide in a deserted house, where they are shot at by people wanting to get the tape (probably ex-members of the Czechoslovakian Secret Police). When Tenma arrives to help them, Grimmer stands among dead bodies. Suk is badly hurt.

Grimmer asks Tenma to tend to Suk's wounds and reveals he was raised in Kinderheim 511.

Episode 47: The Door to Nightmares


Nina Fortner, Dieter, Karel Ranke, Kenzo Tenma, Wolfgang Grimmer, Franz Bonaparta (mentioned)


Nina, freshly arrived in Prague with Dieter, is greeted by cheerful "Hello, Anna" by people she doesn't know, making her aware that someone looking like her is already there.

Tenma and Grimmer are brought to meet Karel Ranke, who once again asks for the tape. He tells them he had a nephew, Adolf Reinhardt, at K511 roughly at the same time Grimmer was there. After a few minutes, Grimmer seems to remember him. Ranke tells him the man taking all the decisions 15 years ago (for instance the taking away of the woman and child at the Three Frogs Inn) was called Franz Bonaparta, who was also the author of the Nameless Monster fairy tale. Tenma and Grimmer are being let go.

Nina is struck by a strong sense of deja vu when passing in front of the Three Frogs Inn, remembering a peculiar memory of having seen herself entering a room there when she was reading.

Episode 48: The Scariest Thing


Johan Liebert, Kenso Tenma, Heinrich Lunge


Jan Suk's mother, an old lady subject to moments of absence; receives Johan's visit (as Anna), somehow knowing that Suk had sent the tape to her. He erases the end of the tape, recording over it a message to Tenma saying that he knew where to go now.

Under the pretence of taking a well-deserved holidays, Lunge goes to Prague in order to research for a copy of Emil Sebe' picture book.

Episode 49: The Cruellest Thing


Milosz, Johan Liebert, Wolfgang Grimmer, Kenzo Tenma


Pedroff's orphans roam the streets of Prague to find the blonde woman who killed their adoptive grandfather, wanting to prove Grimmer's innocence. One of them, Milosz, meets Johan (as the blonde woman), who tries to convince him that he was an unwanted child, that love is an illusion and life is worthless. To do so, he brings him to the red-light district, in order to show him where his mother comes from and that he must have been an unwanted child.

Grimmer and Tenma finds Milosz just as he was contemplating suicide. Grimmer gets emotional when hugging him, telling he had been unable for so long to feel real emotions.

Episode 50: The Rose Mansion


Jan Suk, Heinrich Lunge, Kenzo Tenma, Wolfgang Grimmer, Jan Suk


Lunge and Tenma both investigate Franz Bonaparta. It leads Lunge to an abandoned mansion surrounded by thorny rose trees and in which a room has been sealed shut.

Grimmer offers to disappear and confess in a letter that he committed the crimes for which Suk and Tenma are suspects.

Tenma is arrested by the Czechoslovakian police.

Episode 51: Monster's Love Letter


Hans Georg Schuwald, Jan Suk, Kenzo Tenma, Heinrich Lunge, Halenka Novakova


Flashback about Shuwald's search for Halenka, which was eventually fruitless despite his going to Prague to talk to Anna.

People Tenma helped along the way discuss how best to help him now that he has been arrested. Suk is cleared of the murder charges because of the letter Grimmes sent. Tenma is transferred to Dusselforf to answer of the murders at the Eisler hospital. Lunge finds in the Rose Mansion a love letter to Anna that seems to confirm Johan's existence.

Episode 52: The Lawyer


Fritz Verdemann, Kenzo Tenma, Julius Reichwein, Roberto (as Alfred Baul), Eva Heinemann


Verdemann, a successful and gifted lawyer whose father had been accused of espionage when he was little, accepts to take on Tenma's case. Reichwein tries to convince Eva to testify for Tenma by admitting seeing Johan at the time of the Eisler killings. She laughs off the demand, wanting to see her ex-fiance suffer.

Tenma meets Roberto, who presents himself as Alfred Baul, a close collaborator of Verdemann. He announces his intention to kill Eva.

Episode 53: Determination


Gunther Milch, Kenzo Tenma, Eva Heinemann, Roberto (as Alfred Baul), Fritz Verdemann


Tenma asks Milch, a fellow prisoner known for his many escapes from prison, to help him get out and prevent Roberto from killing Eva. Presumably in order to facilitate his escape, he confesses to all the murders of which he's suspected, to the consternation of both Reichwein and Verdemann.

After first refusing to testify, Eva changes her mind and phones Verdemann to tell him she agrees to say that she saw Johan the night of the Eisler murder. She ends up giving her address to Alfred Baul.

Episode 54: The Escape


Gunther Milch, Gustav Milch, Kenzo Tenma


Tenma and Milch escape during their transfer from Dusseldorf's prison, but their outside accomplice, Gunther's brother Gustav, is badly hurt. Tenma insists he is taken to the hospital before he goes to find if Eva is still alive.

Episode 55: Room 402


Eva Heinemann, Kenzo Tenma, Roberto, Fritz Verdemann


Tenma goes to the hotel Eva stays and discover that she has disappeared, probably taken away by Roberto.

Lunge comes into Verdemann's office to interrogate him about his father's dealings with Franz Bonaparta. Lunge's questions seem to confirm that Verdemann's father was indeed a spy and worked for the Czechoslovakian secret police.

Tenma then goes to see Verdemann who he believe is Roberto's accomplice. After a tense few minutes, Tenma realizes Roberto had just got closer to Verdemann to get hold of a notebook in which Verdemann's father had taken notes about his work with Bonaparta. Verdemann gives Tenma the notebook that Roberto's search of Verdemann's house failed to uncover..

Episode 56: The Never-Ending Journey


Kenzo Tenma, Nina Fortner, Jaromir Lipsky, Johan Liebert


Tenma, hitchhiking to Prague, reads the notebook in which Verdemann's father talks about his experience in the Rose Mansion. Nina and Dieter wander in Prague, looking for the house in which she went after being taken from the Three Frogs Inn. When they arrive at the Rose Mansion, a memory of what happened in the sealed room makes her faint.

For the next three months, Lipsky, a puppeteer who found her unconscious in the Rose Mansion, looks after her. He was part of the reading group for kids Bonaparta used to organize every Friday afternoon.

Johan Liebert arrives at the Rose Mansion and sets it on fire.

Episode 57: That Night


Johan Liebert, Anna Liebert, the Lieberts, Helmut Wolf, Heinrich Lunge, Jaromir Lipsky


Anna Liebert/Nina Fortner remembers......

Flashback to the night the Lieberts were killed: They were visited that night by a man Johan calls the Monster. Later in the night, Anna finds her adoptive parents dead and her brother with a gun in his han. Johan asks her to shoot him in the head. She does.

Several skeletons are found buried in the garden of the Rose Mansion.

Tenma, back in Prague, meets General Wolf who tells him how he took care of the then unnamed Johan and Anna at the Czech border when they were small, lost children. Wolf also tells Tenma that Eva is detained by two members of his organization.

Lunge visits Lipsky's home, calling him Franz Bonaparta's son.

Episode 58: I Hate this Job


The Baby, Martin Reest (as Martin), Petr Capek (as the man in glasses), Eva Heinemann


The Baby introduces Martin, a murderer recently released from prison, to the man in glasses. The man hires Martin to retrieve Eva in Frankfurt. Eva is hired by the man in glasses to attend posh dinner parties and meetings, in which Johan might appear, and allow contact to be made between the two men.

Eva confides in Martin, about her engagement to Tenma and the hatred she developed for her ex-fiance. She also tells him that she fears for her life, about what Roberto might do once her mission is completed.

Episode 59: The Man Who Saw the Devil


Kenzo Tenma, Eva Heinemann, Martin Reest, Johan Liebert, Christof Sievernich (as the Demon's disciple), Petr Capek


Tenma, who is looking for Eva, has a violent confrontation with Martin. During a reception, Eva points at Johan. Petr Capek and a young man (later revealed as Sievernich) come and introduce themselves to him.

Martin is then asked by Capek to kill Eva. She asks him to do it but he refuses. Martin and Eva escape.

In a hotel room, Sievernich demonstrates by delving into Martin's past that killing people who wants to be killed is not really murder. By doing so, he obviously wants to convince Martin to kill Eva.

Episode 60: The Man Who Knew Too Much


Martin Reest, Eva Heinemann, Kenzo Tenma


Despite Sievernich's mind games, Martin refuses to kill Eva. When men come to their hotel to kill them both, he makes her leave, sending her to meet Tenma. Martin then kills four men in a violent gunfight before being shot in the stomach.

Martin asks a friend to bring him to Tenma, who can't do much to save him. Before dying, Martin tells Tenma about the demon's disciple he met in the hotel and about having walked past Johan in a corridor. He also gives Tenma the name of the man in glasses (Petr Capek).

Tenma then goes to meet Eva at the train station, where she was hoping to leave with Martin despite her having said she did not care at all about him. When Eva learns that Martin has died, she bursts into tears. Tenma suggests Eva goes to the police to tell about Roberto's and the Baby's threats then to seek shelter with Reichwein, while he intends to go and end the whole thing once and for all. Tenma goes to see Sievernich.

Eva buys a gun.

Episode 61: The Door to Memories


Nina Fortner/Anna Liebert, Dieter, Fritz Verdemann, Jan Suk, Karl Neumann, Lotte Frank, Rudy Gillen


Nina tries to remember the day Johan and she were taken from the Three Frogs Inn and taken to the Rose Mansion. She gets more and more frantic with each new memory coming back, to the point Dieter makes her stop, saying some things are not worth remembering and that they should go hide with Reichwein and make new, happier memories there.

Still, Anna/Nina goes to see Dr Gillen hoping that her memory might come back more easily under hypnosis. She goes back to her past and seems to remember who she is but then turns violent and tries to strangle Gillen. She decides to leace Munich and goes to join Tenma in his fight.

Verdemann wants the Czechoslovakian police to be more proactive in their investigation of the Rose Mansion case. Jan Suk is in charge. The both of them interrogates a few men who attended the reading lessons that took place there.

Karl and Lotte come to visit Reichwein.

Episode 62: A Pleasant Dinner Table


Kenzo Tenma, Milan Kolasch, Petr Capek


Tenma gets run over by a van while trying to escape the prison in Frankfurt. He is rescued and tended to by Milan Kolasch, a dentist who lives near the burned-down Turkish district with a few other people from all over the world. They all have suffered losses from the action of the far-right group of which the Baby was a member.

Kolasch particularly resents the role of Capek, who was a childhood friend of his and who came to Frankfurt on his invitation many years ago but became involved with the far-right after meeting a man (presumably Bonaparta). Capek was then giving German lessons to children, who turned increasingly violent and suicidal. One of the victims was Kolasch's son.

Kolasch intends to kill Capek with a gun and, despite Tenma's attempts to stop him, he goes out to a book fair to kill Capek, but is unsuccessful and ends up shot by the police.

Episode 63: Unrelated Murders


Egon Weissbach, Reinhard Dinger, Rudy Gillen


Dinger, a serial murderer, is being transferred under police escort. He says during the transfer that he only killed people he deemed worthless and who therefore deserved to die. He also tells them how he met the Liebert twins (although he did not know their names; one of the policemen, the soon-retired Weissbach, is the one who identifies them from the time and location of the events), a few days after their adoptive parents were killed. Johan, who was then just a child, told him that worthless people did indeed deserve to die, a pronouncement that apparently played a big role in shaping DInger's murderous future.

Gillen interrogates three other serial murderers whose actions followed a distinctive pattern, except from one murder, which seems at odds with the others. It soon appears that these murders all have in common to have been ordered by someone the murderers met in the Griesheim Park, near Frankfurt. The names of the victims had been written on the sand, in the playground and, although no words were used, the murderers somehow knew they had to kill them.

Episode 64: The Baby's Depression


the Baby, Petr Capek, Johan Liebert, Christoph Sievernich


The Baby and Capek talk about the three murders mentioned in the previous episode, wondering why they were necessary, fearing Johan might be involved although he is in theory working for them. They are worried they might be the next ones to be killed. They say they need to find Nina as soon as possible, as a form of insurance policy against Johan's unpredictable moves.

Capek tellls Christoph Sievernich that he is one of the four leaders of the political group (alongside General Wolf, Goedelitz and Sievernich, Christoph's father) that recruited Johan.

The Baby is killed by a strip-teaser he was going out with. Capek becomes paranoid that he is next on the list, to the point he shoots his own bodyguard. When he arrives at his country house, Johan is already there, waiting for him. Johan tells him he thinks that the demon is not really inside him, that Bonaparta is still alive.

Episode 65: Johan's Footprints


Petr Capek, Nina Fortner, Eva Heinemann, Christoph Sievernich, Kenzo Tenma, Johan Liebert


Two men working for Capek come to kidnap Nina. She subdues them with a gun asks to be taken to him. She then fails to kill him although Capek later says it must have been Johan's intent all along and that now Anna/Nina remembers everything he can't quite understands why she didn't. He also tells her he knows the secret of her birth.

Police search Milan's flat and finds out Capek was the intended target. A few hours/days before, Tenma persuaded his friends and extended family not to perpetuate the cycle of endless vengeance and violence.

Eva waits for Christof in his flat and holds him at gunpoint. She want him to tell her where Johan is. He says he doesn't know but confides that he has known Johan for years. They were the sole survivors of Kinderheim 511. So Eva should not really feel any guilt for their meeting each other. Capek who thinks he controls them is just a pawn in their plans. Tenma arrives just as Christof was going to kill Eva. Two gun shots are heard.

Episode 66: Welcome Home


Franz Bonaparta, Johan Liebert, Anna Liebert, Anna (flashback), Kenzo Tenma, Christoph Sievernich, Eva Heinemann, Johan Liebert


Capek tells Anna how army officers and scientists were encouraged to meet and to parent 'superior' children for the nation. Anna and Johan's parents were one of these couples and, even though their parents try to flee at some point, the twins were then raised under that system by state officials, one of which was Franz Bonaparta. Anna vows in front of Bonaparta that their children will one day avenge their parents. Capek brings Anna to the dilapidated country house where Johan is hiding.

Tenma has shot Christof in the thigh and tries to make him tell where Johan is. He refuses as long as Eva is present with them but ends up telling him when she has gone away to make a phone call. Tenma leaves to meet Johan and leaves Eva in town.

Johan and Anna meets in the country house. Anna holds him at gunpoint. Johan shows as usual no emotion whatsoever while they talk about their shared past.

Flashback: Anna and Johan at the Three Frogs Inn. All the partial memories appearing in the previous episodes are pieced together to make a coherent narrative, which will be concluded in the next episode. Johan says that he went in search of his sister when she was 20 years old, which lead to the deaths of the Fortner, among others.

Episode 67: I'm Back


Johan Liebert, Anna Liebert, Franz Bonaparta, Petr Capek, Horst Grossman, Heinrich Lunge


Flashback: second part of last episode's summary of what happened in the Three Frogs Inn and the Rose Mansion.

Johan and Anna talks and the exact role and personality of each twin is questioned. Whose memories are they?

Capek is killed by his bodyguards after saying Johan probably left to kill Bonaparta. Johan meets one of his associates (the so-far-unknown Grossman) and kills him.

Lunge arrives at Ruhenheim.

Episode 68: Ruhenheim


Heinrich Lunge, Wolfgang Grimmer, "Mr. Poppe", Wim Knaup, Herbert Knaup, Henning and Franka Heinich, Sausage vendor, Old CoupleKonrad, Roberto    


Lunge check in hotel Versteck, as does Grimmer. The two goes out separately to find a missing dog but ends up making obvious they know who the other is. They talk about how they are both here to prevent a tragedy that is threatening to engulf the quaint little country town. They search the house of a man local children call the Vampire. There is nobody there but they find dozens of portraits of the twins, painted by the owner.

Meanwhile, an elderly couple wins at the lottery and becomes quickly paranoid. The husband buys three guns to defend his wife and himself.

Episode 69: A Peaceful Home


Heinrich Lunge, Wolfgang Grimmer, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Nina Fortner, "Mr. Poppe", Old Couple, Wim Knaup, Herbert Knaup, Henning and Franka Heinich, Jaromir Lipsky


Konrad, a solitary jam-maker, is shot in the forest. Looking at the town from a nearby hill, Lunge and Grimmer wonders how to prevent the upcoming tragedy, people shooting each other in a frenzy of suspicion and hatred. Lange says it's probably too late. Already, tempers are running high and more and more guns appear, apparently given away by men coming from outside the town, an elderly couple and Roberto, for instance. The local drunkard, Wim's father, receives one.

Lipsky gave both Lunge and Tenma the necessary clues to locate the town in which Johan was planning his 'perfect suicide', i.e. making all the people who know him disappear, for which many innocent people will have to die.

Episode 70: The Town Massacre


Heinrich Lunge, Wolfgang Grimmer, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Franz Bonaparta, Wim Knaup, Henning and Franka Heinich, Old Couple, Herbert Knaup, Nina Fortner, Rudy Gillen, Dr. Julius Reichwein, Roberto, Sausage vendor, Eva Heinemann, Dieter


The massacre begins. Lunge, Grimmer, Wim, the lottery couple and the hotel manager (revealed to be a repentant Bonaparta) are staying in hotel Versteck while bodies are piling up in the streets nearby. Bonaparta seems resigned to the death Johan has in store for him. Grimmer says that not fearing death, just like no longer knowing the difference between good and evil, is what makes monsters. The elderly couple who gave a gun to Wim's father, reveals they did it because a young man looking like their dead grandson, asked it of them. For the first time, Lunge seems to acknowledge Johan might be a real person.

Tenma walks around town, under the pouring rain, saving the people he comes across and bringing them to safety.

Anna, living with Eva and Dieter at Reichwein's house, receives an email from Johan, inviting her to Ruhenheim. She leaves with Gillen, unarmed, for the town, which is cut off from the rest of the country because of torrential rains.

Roberto has sex with a local girl in hotel Bergbach. He seems to be one of the organizers of the killings happening in the town.

Episode 71: The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner


Wolfgang Grimmer, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Heinrich Lunge, Franz Bonaparta, Wim Knaup, Henning and Franka Heinich, Old Couple, Sausage vendor


Grimmer barricades himself in hotel Versteck with Wim, Bonaparta and the lottery couple, while Lunge goes out with two guns. He meets Roberto's girl crying in the rain. She tells him Roberto stays in hotel Bergbach. Lunge goes to find him.

Meanwhile, Grimmer and the lottery couple are shot at from the building opposite. Grimmer manages to neutralize the shooters but is wounded. Grimmer gives Tenma the letter Lunge found in the Rose Mansion. Soon after, finally able to cry for the death of his son and to reconnect with his emotions, he dies.

Episode 72: A Nameless Man


Roberto, Heinrich Lunge, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Franz Bonaparta, Wim Knaup, Nina Fortner, Rudy Gillen, Michael Liebert and his wife (flashback), Johan Liebert (flashback)


In hotel Bergbach, Roberto shoots Lunge, saying that he doesn't really have a name. During their fight, he goads Lunge about his failed life, his lack of family life, his professional disgrace. He also tells a little about his youth, about a friend he had at the orphanage, the only friend he ever had before meeting Johan.

in hotel Versteck, Tenma reads the letter Grimmer gave him to Bonaparta, who wrote it years ago in the Rose Mansion, about how he fell in love with Anna (the twins' mother) and decided to kill everyone who knew about the education programme in order to protect her and her children.

Bonaparta tells the story of how he visited the Lieberts the night they were killed after having seen the twins on TV. Johan, pretending to be asleep, saw him in his room and it woke the monster that was waiting inside him. Bonaparta fled the house afterward.

Bonaparta, who created the monster, and Tenma, who kept it in life, go together after Johan.

Gillen and Nina arrive in town. They meet Wim at Hotel Versteck, who recognizes her from the paintings in the Vampire's House. Seeing them makes her relive the day she shot Johan.

Episode 73: Scenery for a Doomsday


Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Johan Liebert, Nina Fortner, Rudy Gillen, Wim Knaup, Franz Bonaparta, Roberto, Heinrich Lunge, Herbert Knaup, Henning and Franka Heinich


Flashback on Bonaparta telling Anna not to become a monster about the Rose Mansion massacre. It was a memory she had forgotten until now. She could not have passed it on to Johan.

Bonaparta and Johan meets. Bonaparta wants them to die together, but Roberto shoots Bonaparta before dying from his previous wounds. Johan encourages Tenma to kill him. Nina says he should not and tells her brother she forgives him. Johan says some things can't be forgiven. By threatening to kill Wim, Johan forces Tenma to shoot although it is Wim's father that ends up shooting Johan.

When outisde help arrives in Ruhenheim, the police try to understand what happened from the rare survivors. Lunge, wounded but alive, is the one through which the whole story finally emerges. Tenma is asked by Lunge to operate on Johan yet again. After Nina tells him that he's always been right that every life is worth saving, he goes.

Episode 74: The Real Monster


Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Nina Fortner, Eva Heinemann, Heinrich Lunge, Dieter, Otto Heckel, Julius Reichwein, Hans Georg Schuwald, Karl Neumann, Jan Suk, Fritz Verdemann, Viera Černá, Johan Liebert, Franz Bonaparta (flashback), Peter Capek (flashback)


Karl reads to Schuwald. Lunge, Verdemann and Suk meets before Grimmer's grave. Eva tries to start a new life, encouraged by Reichwein. Tenma is officially cleared of the murders and joins Médecins sans Frontières. His name gradually disappears from newspapers.

Tenma visits the twins' mother (Viera Cerna/Anna) in a nunnery in Southern France. She tells him about the twins' real name.

Dieter phones Nina, who just completed her university degree and tells him that Tenma will be there tomorrow before leaving for another MSF mission. She's overjoyed at the idea of seeing him again.

Tenma visits Johann, who is in a coma in a police hospital. Wondering out loud if Johan can hear him, he tells him what his real name was. A dream sequence shows Viera Cerna hesitating when Capek asked her to choose which of her children should go into the special program and which one she could keep with her.

The day after that, the bed is shown empty while curtains float in the wind, suggesting that Johan might have jumped out of the window.