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This page is for the medical staff of the Eisler Memorial Hospital. The series started intertwining the politics inside this hospital and Kenzo Tenma's morals. The very presence of this hospital marked Tenma's eventual move to Germany, following his infatuation of Dr. Udo Heinemann's research successes.

Eisler Memorial Hospital


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Eisler Memorial Hospital is medical facility located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Medical Staff

Director Udo Heinemann


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Udo Heinemann is the director of the hospital, focused only on the lives of the rich and affluent patients there, seeking to capitalize on Tenma's skills to garner publicity for the hospital. Killed by Johan with poisoned candy along with Dr. Oppenheim and Boyer.

Kenzo Tenma


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Dr. Oppenheim


Dr. Oppenheim is the Chief of Surgery and Tenma's direct superior who transmits the director's commands to other doctors. He is greedy and agrees with most of the director's ideas. He found the operation of Johan Liebert as an unnecessary nuisance for hospital's financial condition, insisting that Tenma operate on Mayor Roedecker instead. 

Johan murdered Oppenheim with poisoned candy alongside Boyer and Heinemann.

Dr. Boyer


Dr. Boyer was most likely Tenma's competitor for inheriting the top position of brain neurosurgery. He has the same money-minded views that Oppenheim and the director have. Heinemann removed Tenma from taking care of Johan and ordered Boyer to watch over him instead. Boyer held a conference in which it was decided that he would be Heinemann's successor and Tenma's superior.

Days later, Boyer is found murdered with Oppenheim and Heinemann.

Dr. Eisen


Dr. Becker


Dr. Becker was a cynical and disillusioned medic at the Eisler Memorial Hospital, who nevertheless acted as Tenma's confidante and closest friend at the hospital, despite their contrasting outlooks on life. He was rather wary of hospital politics, recognizing the situation at Eisler Memorial Hospital under the tenure of Udo Heinemann for the corrupt and unethical mess that it was, and impressed this upon the more idealistic Tenma.