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Mikhail Ivanovich Petrov, whose birth name was Reinhart Biermann, is person of interest both to Johan Liebert and Wolfgang Grimmer.  Having been part of the inner circle of the Kinderheim 511 experiments, he tried to recreate their experiments by bringing up the Czech orphan children in the opposite way the 511 children were brought up.


Mikhail Ivanovich Petrov, also known by his original name Reinhart Biermann was a former director in Kinderheim 511. He was born in East Germany but brought his Russian nationality while moving to Prague in Czechoslovakia. He managed to escape the 511, before the riot between children and instructors broke out. When he moved to Prague, he adopted a group of orphans illegally and attempted to live the rest of his life there, peacefully.

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Wolfgang Grimmer

One evening, he encountered Wolfgang Grimmer at the pub, who has done quite a research on him. Grimmer was constantly questioning Mr. Petrov about 511, but Petrov refused to answer on any of his questions, telling him to leave him alone. Grimmer said that he is not going to leave him alone until he gets the truth from him.

The next morning, a few men came to the hotel, Grimmer stayed at. They were claiming to have a package from Petrov, but Grimmer knew that was a lie and escaped before they broke in. Grimmer later went to his apartment, when he came to conclusion that Petrov holds a group of children under his care, after he noticed a different couple of kids, every time he met him.

Grimmer thinks that Petrov is continuing the experiment from 511, and is threatening Petrov that he'll report him to the police. Petrov concluded that he wants a deal with him and in exchange wants a data about the orphanage from him. Grimmer later went to play a soccer with children but was stunned when noticed how happy children are.

His and old Anna's murder

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When they told him that they loved living with Petrov, Grimmer went to the apartment and the group followed him, children stayed in front of the building and noticed a beautiful young "lady" coming out. Grimmer entered his place and saw Petrov, lying leaned on the wall. Children also came shortly after Grimmer.  Petrov gave him a key for the drawer in which is the tape about the interview with the "monster" that led 511 to destruction. 


Involvement in the Kinderheim 511 experiments

It may have been that he was the one interviewing Johan in a recorded interview he was keeping. After all, he was one of the higher-ups and he was the one keeping the research data on Johan.  Also, he was the one killed by Johan, not Hartmann, so it is probable that Johan knew him personally.



Another Monster



  • "Isn't education meant to create a person that conforms to society?"