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The setting takes place in central Europe in the late 20th century and it's about a neurosurgeon who, against the wishes of the hospital, chooses to save the life of a newly orphaned boy who arrived first instead of the city's mayor.

Nine years later the boy reappears revealing himself to be a serial killer behind a reign of terror.

Who is this monster? What kind of secrets does his past hide?

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Monster Timeline

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Another Monster, the novel

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A to D Adolf JunkersAnna (Viera Černá)The BabyDr. BeckerBlue SophieChristof SievernichDieter
E to H Egon WeißbachErna TietzeEva HeinemannFranz BonapartaFritz VerdemannGunther MilchHalenka NovakovaHans Georg SchuwaldHartmannHeinrich LungeHelmut WolfHerbert KnaupHugo Bernhardt
I to L Jan SukJaromír LipskyJohan LiebertJulius ReichweinKarel RankeKarl NeumanKenzo TenmaProfessor KroneckerLotte Frank
M to P Martin ReestDetective MessenerMichael MüllerMikhail PetrovMilan KolaschMiloshNina FortnerOtto HeckelPeter ČapekPeter Jürgens
Q to T Richard BraunRobertoRossoRudy Gillen
U to Z Udo HeinemannWolfgang GrimmerWim Knaup
Other Characters Medical StaffUnnamed CharactersOther Minor charactersJohan and Anna's Foster Parents

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Blue Sophie, also known as the Red Hindenburg, is a former prostitute, whose significance in the series is to serve as a fake Margot Langer, which gets her involved with Hans Georg Schuwald and those surrounding him. She was eventually killed by Roberto when her use has been exhausted.


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There's nothing special about being born. Not a thing. Most of the universe is just death, nothing more. In this universe of ours, the birth of a new life on some tiny corner of our planet is nothing but a tiny, insignificant flash. Death is a normal thing. So why live?

Johan Liebert, Episode 49 "The Cruelest Thing"


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