Naoki Urasawa's Monster Wiki
Failure to follow this policy will result in removal of images in violation of the policy, as well as disciplinary action, beginning with warnings all the way up to short- and long-term edit bans.


  • Do not upload any files that violate the Terms of Use. Every copyrighted file (images and videos) used on Naoki Urasawa's Monster Wiki must fall under a fair use rationale, under United States copyright law. Meaning, that in order for this wiki to legally use copyrighted files without asking permission from the copyright holder, every copyrighted file must only be used for visual identification/informational purposes and have a fair use copyright tag on the file description page.
  • All images uploaded to the Naoki Urasawa's Monster Wiki must be canon. Images can be from the manga, books, or real-life images connected to Monster. The Naoki Urasawa's Monster Wiki does not allow fanon/fanart images to be uploaded, and all images uploaded must be appropriate.
  • Do not upload duplicate images. Before uploading an image please check here as well as some pages around the wiki you think your image may be to see that it does not already exist. Do not upload duplicate images unless your image is better quality, in which case use the "Upload a new version of this file" link on the image's file description page rather than re-uploading from scratch. Do not use the re-upload button to upload a different picture, in that case upload the picture from scratch.
  • All images uploaded must be of decent quality. Images that are too small, pixelated, or contain subtitles, should not be uploaded. Images with watermarks are allowed, though the smaller the watermark the better, and watermark-free images are always preferred.