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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Of Men and Dining is the twenty-fourth episode of the anime.


Tenma, working as a black market doctor, is treating Mr. Heitmeyer, a former criminal syndicate lieutenant, in his house in the forest near Füssen. Tenma, Heitemeyer, Dieter and Otto are having lunch: chicken marengo cooked by Otto.

During lunch, Mr. Heitmeyer tells how he lost everything because he was only thinking about money. Then, he explains that five years back, there was an organization that monopolized and laundered all the crime money, but one day the head of the organization disappeared. Heitmeyer tells that the head of the organization might be a student somewhere, since, rumor has it, he started the group when he was 15 years old.

Tenma suspects that Heitmeyer might be talking about Johan. Heitmeyer hints that the head of the organization might have gone to Munich. Dieter suggests inviting Mr. Heitmeyer's bodyguard, Helmut, for lunch. Heitmeyer refuses, arguing that Helmut is his bodyguard and should protect him at all times. After being persuaded by Tenma, Heitmeyer accepts and asks Dieter to go and find Helmut so he can join the table.

Roberto, who has arrived to the woods alongside Eva, shoots Helmut. Roberto hands Eva a gun asking him to go find Tenma and kill him. Mr. Heitmeyer receives an alert on his pager, meaning that Helmut has been shot and that he is in danger.

Dieter meets with Eva who asks him to go and tell Tenma to get out of there. Roberto shoots Eva and Dieter returns to help her, but Eva insists that he leaves. Dieter stays with her and helps her to a three where they both hide from Roberto. Tenma goes down the hill and finds Eva and Dieter.

Eva and Mr. Heitmeyer have chicken marengo for lunch. Heitmeyer tells Eva that she was saved by Tenma and that he has left to Munich.



  • Helmut
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