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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Petra and Schumann is the thirteenth episode of the anime.


After visiting Petra, Dr. Schumann, the doctor of a small village in Germany, learns that Tenma has already treated a patient who had a crash and left some money to pay for the treatment.

Dr. Schumann finds Tenma and Dieter eating in a restaurant. A policeman, Heinz, who is Petra's son, also arrives at the restaurant. Dr. Schumann notices that Tenma gets nervous while Heinz is there and introduces him as Dr. Chan.

Tenma helps Dr. Schumann in the village as payment for saving him from the police. They visit Petra again, who refuses to see a doctor. Tenma manages to convince her to let Dr. Schumann see her after learning that Schumann loves her.

Tenma checks Petra and realizes that she has a subarachnoid hemorrhage and needs to be treated right away. At the same time, the village's police station receives a fax and Heinz realizes that Tenma is a wanted criminal.

Tenma and Dr. Schumann decide to operate on Petra in the small clinic. Heinz is determined to catch Tenma, arrives at the clinic and enters pointing his gun while the operation is in progress. Dr. Schumann explains to Heinz that Tenma is trying to save Petra's life.

After the surgery is finished successfully, Schumann asks Heinz if he still thinks that Tenma is guilty after he saved his mother. Heinz calls the police station saying he mistook another man for Tenma and calls for all the roadblocks to be called off.

Dr. Schumann tries to persuade Tenma into staying in the village, but he refuses, since he needs to kill Johan. Schumann predicts that Tenma is incapable of doing such a thing.



  • Dr. Schumann: "Do you still plan on taking this man away? He's the man who struggled to save your mother. Do you still think he's a murderer?"
  • Kenzo Tenma: "I... have to kill a certain man."
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