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Jaromír Lipsky makes up stories and crafts marionettes to earn his keep aside from his part-time job dishwasher at a local diner.  He always performs his marionette shows at the Karel bridge in Prague.  His stories mostly identifies with his father's writing style, but when he found Anna in the Red Rose Mansion and spent quite a time with her, his story and story-telling came to a shift, and he now looks forward to ending his stories happy.

The Tale of a Demon

A demon is on his journey to find a dragon that will destroy the world, but on his way he comes close to the brink of death. A young man who was passing by sees him dying, and acts quickly to save his life. When the young man learns the true identity of the one he saved, he chases after the demon. At the end of his journey the young man finds the evil one, and then with a knife in his hand, he slays the demon.

The Girl's Journey


I am a girl who’s lost her memory.

I had that I was being chased by a monster.

I had a dream I was chasing a monster.

But I like to sing.

I like to dance, too.

Someday, I have a wonderful dream…

Someday, that dream will come true for me.


The girl made up her mind to leave.

She doesn’t know what kind of a journey it will be.

She doesn’t know what is waiting for her.

But, the girl will courageously continue her journey.

The girl turns and waves her hand again and again.

Again…and again….

And then she is gone.

To search for her happy ending.




The screencaps presented were downloaded from , courtesy of cloverinblue .  This was when Lispky presented his newly created story, the Girl's Journey.