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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Room 402 is the fifty-fifth episode of the anime.


Tenma tries to reach Eva before Roberto does so and kills her. After calling the hotel, Tenma learns that Eva is staying in room 402. Tenma rushes to the hotel just to find out that Eva is nowhere to be seen in room 402.

After discussing Tenma's escape with Dr. Reichwein, Fritz Verdemann comes back to his office and finds that Inspector Lunge is already waiting for him. Lunge is playing Somewhere Over The Rainbow, a song that Verdemann dislikes because it was the theme song of his father's radio station.

Lunge tells Verdemann that he is not there regarding Tenma's case but because he is investigating Franz Bonaparta. Lunge shows Verdemann a copy of Obluda and explains that while researching Bonaparta, he came across his father's name, who aired one of his stories in his radio station and who also visited him several times in Czechoslovakia, what makes Lunge infer that his father may have been Bonaparta's friend. Also, Lunge mentions that they used to meet at The Red Rose Mansion. Lunge claims that he is not interested in knowing if Verdemann's father was a spy or not, but in any information he can gather about Bonaparta.

Verdemann receives a call from his wife at the maternity center and leaves. When he enters the car, he finds Tenma pointing a gun at him who orders him to start the car and drive. Tenma interrogates Verdemann about the plan that he and Alfred Baul devised to kill Eva. Verdemann says that he does not know where is Eva or anything about the plot.

Verdemann stops the car and tells Tenma that since he discovered that his father was actually a spy he could not trust anyone. Verdemann explains that one day he found the notes that his father had written in the sixties and acknowledges Franz Bonaparta and The Red Rose Mansion. Tenma then tells Verdemann that Roberto acting as Alfred Baul approached him because he wanted those notes.

They go to Verdemann's house and find that is has been ransacked. Verdemann finds a letter addressed to Kenzo. The letter, supposedly written by Eva, asks Tenma to go find her at The Red Rose Mansion and help her.


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