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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Ruhenheim is the sixty-eight episode of the anime.


Using a postcard given by Jaromír Lipský, Inspector Lunge arrives into Ruhenheim. Lunge stays at Hotel Versteck and is helped by Wim Knaup, a local kid, to his room. The hotel is only occupied by Lunge and an elderly couple. Lunge visits the local police station warning the only officer that something terrible might happen.

Wolfgang Grimmer, posing as Mr. Neumaier, also arrives to Ruhenheim and checks-in into the same hotel. After a dog has gone missing, he volunteers to look for him in orden to investigate the village. While searching for the dog, Grimmer meets Lunge in the streets, who tells him that he is also looking for the dog. Lunge learns that Wim is the son a local drunk, Herbert Knaup, who takes the money earned by his son at the hotel to get more booze. Lunge is informed by the local police that, as he predicted, something terrible has happened: a dog is missing.

Grimmer finds the dog in the forest only to notice that Lunge has also arrived to the same place. Lunge tells him that he knows about the incident in Prague involving him. Grimmer, who deduces that Lunge is a detective, asks him if they would be able to prevent the massacre that is about to happen in Ruhenheim.

A local couple, Henning and Franka Heinich, win the lottery, but Henning becomes paranoid and buys some weapons to protect the money. The local bullies beat Wim and tell him that they have taken his bike to the "vampire's mansion".

Wim goes to the "mansion", an abandoned house in a hill, where he finds a cat that has been killed recently. Scared, Wim enters the house that is empty except for dozens o canvasses and skecthes. Wim is found by Grimmer and Lunge. Lunge then finds several sketches of the twins, similar to the ones he found in Prague drawn by Franz Bonaparta.

Mr. Konrad, a resident of Ruhenheim is picking cowberrries when a mysterious man arrives and points a gun at him.



  • Klaus Poppe: "In letters you can write things you can't say face to face."
  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "It seems that we arrived at the same place with different clues."


  • Unlike all the other locations in the anime, Ruhenheim is the only one that, technically, does not exist in real life. Ruhenheim, a name created for the series, though, might be based on Oberstdorf and/or Stepbergalm.
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