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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Sanctuary is the thirty-second episode of the anime.


Lotte Frank meets Nina at the university's library who is doing some research on the late Margot Langer. Nina tells Lotte that she is also investigating recent unresolved murder cases in Bavaria.

Lotte and Nina go to a club. Afterwards, Lotte tells Nina that she invited Karl to the club but he refused. She also tells her that she helped Karl finding his father because she likes him, but ever since living with Schuman, Karl has been acting arrogantly. The next morning, Lotte realizes that Nina looks exactly like Johan.

Tenma practices shooting with the sniper rifle and watches Johan, Schuwald and Karl while they take a walk in the woods. An old man finds Tenma and mentions that he has visited the forest several days in a row, the old man also asks Tenma if he is there for bird watching.

Tenma follows Johan for several days, but is unable to shoot him. After another walk with Schuwald and Karl, Tenma decides that the best place to shoot Johan is in the woods. That same day, Tenma finds the old man from the other day wounded. Tenma treats him.

The old man tells him a story of how, when he was young, he used to come to those woods and birds would always perch on his shoulder. When the Nazi era came, he was a soldier and one day he was asked to chase a criminal in that forest because he was familiar with the area. The old man chased the criminal, but found out that it was only a foreigner; nevertheless, he shot him. From that day, he has been coming to the forest to apologize, but birds have not perched on his shoulder again

A bird perches on Tenma's shoulder and the old man says that blood will never be shed in that forest again.


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