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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner is the forty-second episode of the anime.


After Mikhail Petrov's death, Grimmer is brought to the police station where he meets Inspector Zeman. Zeman questions Grimmer about Petrov and the circumstances that led to his death, mentioning the appearance of a blond woman at the crime scene. Zeman asks Grimmer if Mr. Petrov had any last words, Grimmer answers "no".

Outside of the police station, Grimmer meets the kids from Petrov's orphanage, who are being sent to different orphanages in Prague. Grimmer hands Antonín, one of the kids, the key to the safety deposit that he recovered from Petrov.

Grimmer stops a taxi and asks to go to his hotel. The taxi stops to pick a person who seats in the front. The taxi drives away from the city and the man who jumped into the car asks Grimmer for the key. The taxi drives into an abandoned industrial complex and Grimmer manages to run away. Inspector Zeman arrives and asks Grimmer about the cassette tape that was in the safety deposit.

Grimmer is tortured by the two men from the taxi and Inspector Zeman, who, by now, Grimmer has already learned that are part of the former Czechoslovakian Secret Police: the Státní bezpečnost. They ask him about the tape. Grimmer refuses to give any information. A severely beaten Grimmer tells his captors about a West German cartoon from the sixties: The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner, about a guy that, when in danger, would transform into the Magnificent Steiner and beat the bad guys.

Grimmer is again beat and passes out. Just then, the blonde woman resembling Anna shoots one of the member of the Czechoslovakian Secret Police.

Grimmer wakes up and find that the three are death, deducing that his alter ego, The Magnificent Steiner, is responsible.



  • Filip Zeman
  • Two men from the Czechoslovakian Secret Police
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