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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Baby's Depression is the sixty-fourth episode of the anime.


The Baby expresses his concerns on Johan and his three latest murders, which were commited in order to hide Christof Sievernich's scandals, to Peter Čapek. Čapek insists that those deaths were Johan's will and that everything is going according to the program.

The Baby remembers how he confronted Sievernich about his scandals and the outrageous consequences of them - three people dead to cover it up, and how he questioned his merits and whether he was worthy or not of the position that he had. Ultimately, despite The Baby's intuition, Sievernich denied any intentions of making an enemy of him.

After a date with Carmen, a stripper who The Baby has been seeing lately, both of them go to his hotel room. One of The Baby's body guards, unable to reach him on the phone, goes to the hotel and enters his room just to find that The Baby has been assassinated by Carmen.

Čapek receives the news of The Baby's death and gets paranoid, remembering what The Baby said before on being concerned about Johan's actions. Čapek decides to escape to a safehouse in Idstein, a place no one knows about.

On his way to the safehouse, Čapek remembers when he met Franz Bonaparta and the first same he saw the twins, Johan and Anna, product of Bonaparta's program. When they arrive, Čapek, nervous, decides to go elsewhere and in a panic attack, he shoots his bodyguard.

Čapek leaves the car and walks up to the house. There, he finds it is empty and there is no sign of the bodyguards that were supposed to be there. Čapek sits in the leaving room and then Johan appears, who asks him if Franz Bonaparta is still alive.



  • The Baby


  • The Baby: "But depending on one's dining companions, the meal can either taste good or bad."
  • Johan Liebert: "Isn't Franz Bonaparta... alive?"
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