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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Demon in My Eyes is the thirty-eight episode of the anime.


At the library, Tenma shoots Roberto who falls from the balcony. The fire keeps spreading but people are trapped inside the library because the doors have been locked by Johan's accomplices.

Johan describes the scene to Schuwald, who questions him about his true intentions and about who is he and where did he come from. Johan grabs Schuwald by the head and stares at him, he tells him that he was born in a fairy tale country, everybody was dead and he was walking in the middle of nowhere holding hands with his other half.

The fire grows stronger. Nina rushes to the library where she finds Dieter and Dr. Reichwein.

Back at the Schuwald manor, Karl finds the document that Schuwald asked him to retrieve. Karl finds a picture of his mother and some documents. The dossier contains an investigation ordered by Schuwald about Helenka's past: she illegally immigrated to Germany when she was fifteen and worked as a call girl for Munich's elite. Karl learns through the files that when she was 22, she gave birth to him.

Karl reads that Helenka, posing as Margot Langer, retired as a prostitute in 1992 and that shortly before her retirement, she was rumoured to be involved with the president of the Bank of Darkness, an organization that laundered money from the underground. Also, he learns that his mother lived in Hesse with an eighteen-year old boy whose identity was unknown.

Finally, Karl discovers a letter that Helenka sent to a friend three months before her death. In the letter, Helenka tells about a friend of her who was caught while trying to cross the Czechoslovakian border and who then gave birth to twins. She also tells that the boy she is living with looks a lot like this friend.

Dr. Reichwein tries to break into the library trough the doors but fails. Nina manages to gain access to the library through a window. Tenma, with the help of some people, breaks one of the doors allowing people to leave the place.

Nina and Tenma arrive to the main hall of the library, but none of them is able to shoot Johan, who calmly walks away.



  • By the information given in Helenka's report, it can be inferred that she got involved with Johan and ultimately ended being killed by him or by someone else following Johan's orders.
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