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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Door to Memories is the sixty-first episode of the anime.


In Prague, Nina returns to the Three Frogs and to The Red Rose Mansion to try again to recover her memories. At the mansion, Nina has a flashback of the murders of The Red Rose Mansion and then he recalls how Johan ran away from there and then arrived to The Three Frogs. Then, at the Three Frogs, Nina remember how she was reading A Nameless Monster when Johan arrived back home.

Detective Suk and Fritz Verdemann interrogate people who attended to the book lectures at The Red Rose Mansion to gather information about Franz Bonaparta's reading sessions. After interviewing one of them, Verdemann learns that his father may have been involde to a certain extent in the brainwashing sessions conducted there; nevertheless, this same person tells Verdemann that his father told him to run away from that place.

Nina and Dieter go back to Munich to see Dr. Reichwein, there they also meet with Karl and Lotte. Through hypnosis with help of Dr. Gillen, Nina tries again ro recover her memories.

Nina recalls that her mother was an anti-government activist and her father a soldier, who she never knew and was killed and afterwards they hid in the Three Frogs. One day, Johan was taken away to The Red Rose Mansion. Nina then remember something and transforms, then stands up and strangles Dr. Gillen. Gillen infers that Nina was able to remember everyting.

Two days later, after learning that Tenma is in Frankfurt, Nina leaves and tells in a letter that she understands eveyrthing now: who she is, how did Johan originate and where he is going to now. She also claims that she can end this and save Tenma.



  • Dieter: "I have lots of horrible memories, but I don't have to remember those."
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