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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Ghost of 511 is the forty-first episode of the anime.


Grimmer follows Mikhail Petrov through the streets of Prague, confronting him about Kinderheim 511 and the experiments and brainwashing that took place there. Petrov gets mad and hits him with his walking cane. Grimmer mentions the incident that destroyed Kinderheim 511 and Petrov argues that it happened when he was not there and, had he still been the director, that would have never happened. Two kids come to meet Petrov, who they call grandpa.

The next morning, Grimmer wakes up at his hotel room. A messenger claiming to have something from Mr. Petrov knocks the door. Grimmer leaves the room through the window just before two armed goons break into the room.

Grimmer meets Petrov in a park and keeps following him the entire day. Grimmer realizes that the kids appearing to be his grandchildren are never the same. So he follows Petrov to his house.

Grimmer enters to Petrov's house and finds a dozen of kids and realizes that Petrov has administered an orphanage again. Petrov claims that those kids where born in the red light district in the Czech-German border and were abandoned after the Wall fell. Grimmer confronts Petrov as he is worried Petrov might be trying to replicate the model of Kinderheim 511.

Grimmer threatens to report Petrov to the authorities for running an unlicensed orphanage. Petrov proposes Grimmer a deal: giving him data about Kinderheim 511 experiments in exchange for not reporting him. Grimmer does not answer and asks all the kids to go and play football.

While playing football, Grimmer realizes that all the children are happy with Mr. Petrov and that he, actually, developed a system contrary to the one he tried at Kinderhem 511 in his orphanage in Prague.

Grimmer runs back to Petrov's place just to find that he has been shot and he is dying. With his last energies, Petrov tells him about a key to a safe box containing a tape with an interview of a young boy at Kinderheim 511. A blonde woman resembling Anna is seen leaving the scene.



  • Mikhail Petrov


  • Mikhail Petrov: "Isn't education meant to create a person that conforms to society?"
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