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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Lawyer is the fifty-second episode of the anime.


Back in Germany, Tenma is incarcerated. There, he meets an escapee and con-artist, Gunther Milch, who, after faking he is sick and being discovered by Tenma, proposes Kenzo to escape. Tenma is interrogated about the Eisler Memorial Hospital poisonings, he claims that he has to tell the truth even if they do not believe him.

After rejecting Hans Georg Schuwald's request to defend Tenma, lawyer Fritz Verdemann accepts the case after being approached by Alfred Baul who, asked by former Dr. Tenma's patients to help, presents the case to Verdemann. Verdemann is the son of a former Czechoslovak spy who moved to West Germany and started a radio station.

Verdemann visits Tenma in prison and notices that Tenma is not as concerned in proving his innocence as he is in proving Johan's existence. Tenma tells the lawyer how we saved Johan's life whe he was shot as a child and how he is convinced that all lives are equal an, as a doctor, it was his duty to do as much as he could to save people. Verdemann announces to Tenma that he will be defending him.

Dr. Reichwein meets Verdemann and tells him that if they want to prove Tenma's innocence, they must also prove Johan's existence. Verdemann says that, whether Johan exists or not, Tenma is still innocent and that, for now, he want to focus in finding Eva Heinemann to talk to her. Eva is back in Düsseldorf and Dr. Reichwein visits her at her hotel room asking her to meet with Verdermann.

Verdemann's wife goes into labor and he is called to the hospital. Verdemann ask his assistant to call Alfred Baul and ask him to meet Tenma in his place. Alfred Baul, who in reality happens to be Roberto, meets with tenma at the prison and tells him that he is targeting Eva.



  • Gunther Milch: "I've never killed anyone. Unlike you."
  • Kenzo Tenma: "Everyone's lives are equal."
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