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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Man Who Saw the Devil is the fifty-ninth episode of the anime.


Martin remembers when he met Tenma at a diner. Tenma asked for Eva and told Martin that he wanted to see her, but he got beat by Martin who kicked him out of the diner.

After another party, Eva is invited for dinner by Peter Čapek and Martin leaves to the diner. Tenma arrives to the restaurant again and upon entering he draws a gun at Martin who then explains that he was hired by The Baby. Tenma points out that there must be someone higher in the organisation (Čapek) but Martin says that he has only see him but he know nothing else about him.

Martin explains that Eva has been going to parties as part of her job and that in the latter, she pointed at a blond young man with a pretty face who was later introduced to Christof Sievernich. Tenma figures that this might be her last job and Martin remembers of what Eva said about being killed when her job was over. Martin rushes to find Eva. Martin arrives at the restaurant where Eva and Čapek were having dinner and Čapek order him to kill Eva. Martin meets with Eva at an hotel room and proposes her that both should run away.

Martin has a flashback to his childhood, where he was carrying her drunk mother back home. His mother asked him to leave her in the street because he wanted to sleep, but Martin argued that she might die if she froze.

Martin visits the diner when he learns that Tenma left a note with his address. Martin then goes to one of the parties alone, where he observes and tails Christof Sievernich to his hotel room. Sievernich finds him stading out of his room and invites him.

Christof tells him that "he" will soon be there. Martin starts talking about the end of the world and then he talks about Martin who, surprised, realizes that Christof knows a lout about his life. Christof then talks about how his former girlfriend shoot herself and how her mother froze to death, pointing that women in Martin's life usually die. Christoff says that Eva wants to die too. Martin leaves.

As he is leaving, in the hallway, Martin meets Johan on his way to the room and decides not to look at him.


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