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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Monster's Love Letter is the fifty-first episode of the anime.


In 1976, Helenka Nováková received a letter from a friend from her living in Prague. In the letter, her friend tells her that, should she ever again be in Prague, she can visit her in "Cedok Bridge, the Three Frogs".

After a trip to Prague, Dr. Reichwein informs Mr. Schuwald that he visited the Three Frogs but he did not find any information and not even Nina, Dieter or Tenma. Schuwald remembers how he visited Prague in 1980 looking for Helenka. Schuwald visited the Three Frogs, thinking he might be able to find her there. Instead, he found Margot's friend, Viera Černá and her twins.

The news of Tenma being arrested in Prague spreads. His friends and former colleagues are in shock and decide to help in any way they can to prove Tenma's innocence. Knowing that only Tenma is capable of detroying Johan, Schuwald decides to search for the best lawyers to help Tenma.

At the hospital, Detective Suk learns that Tenma has been arrested. He tries leaving to the police station, but is interrupted by Detectives Blažek and Stránský, who inform him that he has been cleared because Grimmer sent a letter to the police station admiting the murders. Dr. Reichwein and Eva Heinemann travel to Prague expecting to see Tenma.

Lunge is informed of Tenma's arrest, but he shows little interest, focusing more in The Red Rose Mansion and his new finding, a paper that was in the back of Anna's painting: "A love letter from a monster to a beauty". After reading the letter, Lunge realizes that the monster exists.

Tenma is deported to Germany.



  • Helenka Nováková: "Please call me by my real name. Just for tonight, I'd like you to use my real name. I am Helenka Nováková."
  • Hans Georg Schuwald: "I feel only that man can do it... only he can obliterate the monster."
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