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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Never-Ending Journey is the fifty-sixth episode of the anime.


Tenma makes his way back to Prague, headed to The Red Rose Mansion. Fritz Verdemann tells Dr. Reichwein that he let Tenma go after learning of the note left at his ransacked house probably by Roberto.

In Prague, Nina recalls her memories of how Johan was taken away from the Three Frogs one day. After going over the route and wandering around Prague's neighborhoods, Nina and Dieter find The Red Rose Mansion. They enter the mansion and Nina remembers being there before. They see the secret door that Inspector Lunge discovered. After entering to the hidden room, Nina has a memory of dozens of dead people lying on the floor and passes out.

Nina and Dieter find themselves in Jaromír Lipský's house. Jaromír is a struggling puppeteer who works part time as a wash disher in a restaurant. Jaromír found Nina at The Red Rose Mansion after she fainted.

Jaromír shows Nina a bookshelf full of picture books, all of them written by Franz Bonaparta under his several pen names. Nina sees a copy of The Nameless Monster. Jaromír explains that all the books were written by Bonaparta. When Nina listens to this name, a memory is triggered. Jaromír explains that he was a student at The Red Rose Mansion, but since he was not considered a "superior child" he was driven away of the book readings. Jaromír reads The Man with Big Eyes and The Man with the Big Mouth and The God of Peace to Nina.

At The Red Rose Mansion, Johan, disguised as Anna enters the hidden room, throws away his costume and sets the mansion on fire.



  • Johan Liebert: "I am her, and she is me. I am you, and you are me."


  • The taxi that appears when Nina visits the Three Frogs has the phone number 257 257 257 written on the door. This is indeed the phone number of City taxi, one of the most important cab companies in Prague.
  • According to Fritz Verdemann's father's notes, The Red Rose Mansion is located in the Břevnov district of Prague. Břevnov is in the western part of the city.
  • Bonaparta's pen names are: Jakub Farobek, Klaus Poppe and Emil Šebe.
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