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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Peaceful House is the sixty-ninth episode of the anime.


At the Hotel Versteck, the elderly couple have breakfast and they are told by the hotel owner that Mr. Konrad makes the cowberry jam that they liked so much. Later, it is shown that Mr. Konrad was killed in the forest.

Inspector Lunge and Grimmer discuss wheter they can stop the massacre in Ruhenheim or not, but Lunge answers him that ir might already have begun.

The Heinichs, who are becoming more paranoid, go looking for Mr. Konrad, but find him dead in the forest. Franka thinks that Henning did kill him, but he explains that he has not used the gun since he bought it.

Wandering through the streets of Ruhenheim, Herbert Knaup finds the Elderly couple, and the old man gives him a weapon, saying that it is what he needs and claiming that his son already took one. Later, Lunge, walking on the street, hears a gunshot.

Back in Prague, Tenma visits Nina at the hospital, who tells him that they should hurry, otherwise, many innocent people will die, because Johan is planning the perfect suicide by recreating what happened at The Red Rose Mansion and Kinderheim 511, now in Ruhenheim. Before leaving, Nina asks Tenma to come back alive.

Tenma later finds Jaromír Lipský and asks him about Bonaparta's whereabouts. He also tells him that he deduced that his father's real name was not Bonaparta but Klaus Poppe. Lipský tells Tenma how Inspector Lunge visited him a couple of weeks back with the same deduction and that he gave him his father's postcard, saying that he only knows that Poppe now lives in a town in "Southern Germany surrounded by mountains".

Tenma visits a book publisher in Prague regarding Poppe's work. He shows him a book by an author named Helmuth Voss titled Das Ruhenheim and tells him that he thinks that Helmuth Voss is another pen name for Poppe.  Das Ruhenheim tells the story of a thief who arrives to a town, planning to rob the townspeople, but after interacting with them, he is unable to steal and decides to work for them instead. Tenma realizes what the book is about and asks for a map of Southern Germany where he finds the town of Ruhenheim.

Back in Ruhenheim, after the Heinichs have hidden Mr. Konrad's body in the forest, the town starts looking for him and worrying due to all the events that have been happening recently. Grimmer is informed that, due to heavy rain, roads and railroads have been closed because the rivers are flooding.

Sitting at the Hotel Versteck, Lunge hears a conversation between a police officer and the hotel owner, the cop complains about the recent crimes and about the fact that they cannot get reinforcements due to the weather. Lunge also notices the Elderly couple and how the old man shoes are dirty "as if he was walking in the rain". Lunge tries to make a phone call, but the lines are down.

Back in the street, the police officer notices a broken car and he stops to help. When he gets closer to the car, he is shot by an armed man. The gunshot is heard by Grimmer who realizes that it is already too late to stop Johan's plans.



  • Mr. Konrad
  • Police officer


  • Nina Fortner: "The perfect suicide. True solitude. His only expression of love. If we don't hurry, many innocent people will die."
  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "Looks like we can no longer stop it."

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