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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Real Monster is the seventy-fourth and final episode of the Anime.


Some time after the events at Ruhenheim, Karl informs Schuwald that Tenma has been cleared of all charges and is now working for Doctors without Borders. Eva informs Dr. Reichwein that she is now working as an interior designer and has overcome her anger at Tenma and her grief over Martin and gives him a scrapbook of clippings on Dr. Tenma. The scrapbook shows the arrest, claim of Johan's guilt, the court case victory and Tenma's most recent actions; with each clipping getting smaller.

Jan Suk, Vardemann, and Lunge pay their respects at Grimmer's grave where Lunge tells them that he is now a professor at the police academy; plus trying to be a part of his grandchild's life, in an effort to save what little family connection he has. Reflecting on humans communicating with each other, Lunge solemnly leaves a cold beer at the gravesite, noting that Grimmer likely had a lot he would have wanted to talk about over a drink.

Otto Heckel gives information to Dieter for Tenma on the whereabouts of the twins' mother. Dr. Tenma visits her in Southern France and she tells him that she loved the father of her twins and wished revenge on those who killed him through her children. She also recalls how the children did not want to be abandoned by their mother and tells Tenma their real names.

In Heidelberg Nina graduates from University. Dr. Tenma later visits an apparently comatose Johan and seemingly has a hallucination of Johan wondering if his mother chose Nina to be taken for the experiment to protect him, or had she mistaken him for his sister. As Tenma leaves the police hospital, Johan's bed is shown empty with the window open.



  • Dr. Reichwein: "People are built conveniently, huh?
  • Kenzo Tenma: "You're... the twins' mother, aren't you?
  • Věra Černá: "Who is the real monster?


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