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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Scariest Thing is the forty-eight episode of the anime.


Johan dressed as Anna visits Suk's mother at the hospital. After talking for some time, Johan asks Mrs. Suková about the cassette tape that Detective Suk left with her and leaves. Soon after that, Tenma and Grimmer, accompanied by Karel Ranke arrive to the hospital. When Tenma and Grimmer learn that a young blonde woman just visited Mrs. Suková, they rush to her room. Mrs. Suková gaves Tenma and Grimmer the tape but asks to be taken to see his son at the hospital. Ranke accepts.

Mrs. Suková sees Jan. Tenma, Grimmer and Ranke listen to the tape. In the cassette, a young Johan says that the his memories are disappearing because of the experiments held in Kinderheim 511 and that the thing he is most afraid of forgetting Anna. The recording is then interrupted by a message recorded ovet the tape: the voice of the adult Johan is heard saying that he will not let them listen anymore of the interview. Tenma, Grimmer and Ranke deduce that is was Johan, dressed as the blond woman, who visited Suk's mother.

Inspector Lunge arrives on vacation to Prague. Lunge meets with Comissioner Nepela. Nepela updates Lunge on the cases of Mikhail Petrov's and Inspector Zeman's murders. Lunge asks Nepela to translate a copy of The Monster Without a Name.

Lunge interrogates Suk's friends and learns that he befriended a young woman named Anna Liebert. Lunge remembers a Anna Liebert who survived the homicide involving a high official of the East German government.

Lunge visits Moravia Publishing Co., the company that published Obluda. There, he learns about Franz Bonaparta, who used several pen names, included Emil Scherbe - the writer of The Monster Without a Name. Lunge finds a sketch book with drawings of a pregnant woman, two newborns and a boy and a girl who happen to be twins.



  • Johan Liebert: "What I am most afraid of is that... I'll forget Anna."
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