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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Town Massacre is the seventieth episode of the anime.


Two police officers, Laufer and Merkel, search the forest in Ruhenheim and Laufer finds Mr. Konrad's dead body. When he goes back looking for Merkel, he discovers that he has also been shoot. Laufer rushes to the police car and asks for reinforcements through the radio, but he is shot before he makes contact.

After being kicked out of a bar, Herbert Knaup wanders through the streets of Ruhenheim. He remembers how the patrons suspected of him being the one who killed Mr. Konrad and Mrs. Hillman's dog, until one of them said that Mr. Knaup was a coward. Furious, Herbert returns to the bar, decided to shoot, but he finds out that all the patrons have already been shot.

Grimmer walks through the streets among dead bodies. He then finds Wim and three bullies, the three of them dead. Wim has a gun in his hand, but he says that he cannot remember what exactly happened. But after checking the gun, Grimmer realizes that Wim did not kill the other kids.

A severely wounded Laufer manages to reach the Hotel Versteck. There he tells Lunge and the hotel owner what happened in the woods and how someone not from town took his gun. Lunge confronts the Elderly couple asking them how many of their friends have come to town and how many guns have they given to the townspeople. Grimmer and Wim arrive to the hotel. Grimmer tells that the streets are full of dead bodies.

Angered, Grimmer confronts the old man, who tells him that "he" looked liked his grandson and that "he" knew a lot about them. The hotel owner tells that "he" is probably targeting him. Grimmer and Lunge both confirm the hotel owner suspicions, who is then revealed to be Franz Bonaparta.

Dr. Reichwein and Dr. Gillen show Nina a letter from Johan where he tells her that he will be waiting for her in Ruhenheim. They also infer that Ruhenheim is the place where Tenma was headed and Nina decides to go there as well, accompanied by Dr. Gillen.

Tenma arrives to Ruhenheim and he finds the dead body of Merkel and that his gun is missing. He then sees a wounded man dragging in the woods who tells him about what has been happening in the town and asks him to save Ruhenheim.

Lunge and Grimmer confront Bonaparta, who ran away to Ruhenheim to hide from Johan. Bonaparta says that he has been waiting for his sentence and that he is not afraid to die. However, Grimmer criticizes all what Bonaparta did and how it affected him and other people and tells him that he will not let him die, that he will take him away from Ruhenheim and publicize everything.

Lunge asks the Elderly couple about Johan's whereabouts. He says that he knows that there is a man in town controlling all the massacre. Since they do not answer, Lunge points his gun at them. The old man answers that there is a certain man in Hotel Bergbach who is giving the orders.

The Heinichs arrive to the hotel and they confess that after winning the lottery they became paranoid and bought some firearms, but that they have not fired a single shot. Lunge grabs a rifle and tells Grimmer to protect Hotel Versteck while he goes looking to Hotel Bergbach.

In the streets, Tenma hears another gunshot. Then, he finds a family that has been hiding and helps them escape to the woods so they can leave the town and save their lives.



  • Merkel
  • Many townspeople


  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "Bad things happen when I get angry."
  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "I'm a also an imaginary person. I'm not the man called Mr. Neumayer, who signed the hotel registry, nor am I the man known as Wolfgang Grimmer. I'm not anyone. So I'll disappear as well."
  • Franz Bonaparta: "I'm not afraid to die. However, I don't know how I can atone. That's why I've decided to accept whatever happens here."
  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "Do you understand what it means to destroy the boundary between good and evil? Do you understand what happens to people if you awake the monster inside them?"
  • Heinrich Lunge: "When this job is done, let me buy you a beer."
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