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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner is the seventy-first episode of the anime.


Grimmer and Henning Heinich prepare to defend Hotel Versteck. Tenma helps the townspeople and the children to escape from Ruhenheim. Meanwhile, Lunge walks through the streets of the town and finds a young woman who is crying. The woman tells Lunge that she escaped from Roberto, who is giving orders from Hotel Bergbach.

Tenma and Lunge meet on the street. Inspector Lunge asks Tenma to escort the girl to Hotel Versteck, telling him that there he will find Franz Bonaparta. Lunge then departs, stating that he must go back to work and find Roberto. Before he leaves, he tells Tenma that he is sorry.

Inspector Lunge arrives to Hotel Bergbach to find that the staff has already been killed and that the place is deserted. Lunge finds one of Roberto's men who tries to trick him by telling him that he is from the town and then tries to shoot him, but Lunge fires his rifle before the man is able to do it. Lunge asks the man for Roberto; the man says that he is upstairs.

On their way to the hotel, Tenma finds a man with a child next to his dead wife. Tenma offers to escort him to the woods and asks the young woman to stay there and wait for him.

At the Hotel Versteck, Henning Heinrich is shot through a window but Grimmer manages to escape the bullets and rushes to the second floor, where Franka Heinich, Bonaparta, Wim and the Elderly couple are. Upon arriving, he finds that the Elderly couple are dead and that Franka has been shot. Bonaparta and Wim are safe and hiding in a corner of the room. They all go to the hotel's basement.

In the basement, Bonaparta tells Grimmer that if he goes out, all this can end, but he refuses. Instead, Grimmer decides to go out.

Grimmer calls the shooters to come out, but he receives no answer. Then, the young woman appears, relieved to find Grimmer to also be there; nevertheless, before she reaches him, she is shot dead. Grimmer also receives a bullet in his shoulder. Then, Grimmer gets angered, transforming into The Magnificent Steiner.

Nina and Dr. Gillen find the man whose wife was killed with some children who are escaping the town in the woods. Nina asks him if he has seen an Asian man with dark hair. After learning that Tenma has been helping the townspeople to escape, Nina and Dr. Gillen rush to the town. Dr. Gillen gives his car keys to the man so they can safely flee the town, but before he leaves, the man warns him that if they go to Ruhenheim they will be killed.

Tenma reaches Hotel Verstech. On the street, Tenma sees a man being thrown out of a building through a window. Tenma then enters that building and rushes upstairs to find Grimmer severely wounded sitting on a chair. Grimmer tells Tenma that he killed a total of four shooters. Refusing to get any treatment, Grimmer gives Tenma a letter that Lunge found at The Red Rose Mansion and tells him that he is at the Hotel Bergbach.

Before Tenma leaves, Bonaparta and Wim enter the room and Grimmer introduces Bonaparta to Tenma. Before dying, Grimmer starts crying and tells that he never lost his emotions, they were hidden somewhere. Then, he says that this was The Magnificent Steiner last episode and dies.



  • Wolfgang Grimmer


  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "If you're in a pinch, no matter where you are, he'll come and save you. He'll punish any wrong. He is the invincible Magnificent Steiner."
  • Heinrich Lunge: "Dr. Tenma. I'm sorry."
  • Rudy Gillen: "Tenma, that Asian man, is my friend. I'm going to save him."
  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "I knew you'd come, Dr. Tenma."
  • Wolfgang Grimmer: "I'm not sad because I'm going to die. I'm sad because my child is dead. It's impossible for humans to forget their emotions. My emotions... They were just lost somewhere."

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