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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Thursday's Boy is the twenty-fifth episode of the anime.


In Munich, Karl Neuman, a student of Economics who works part-time reading to a wealthy old man, Hans Georg Schuwald, struggles with his job as Mr. Schuwald constantly stops him telling him he is not good enough.

Karl meets Lotte Frank, another student at the University of Munich who also happens to work at Mr. Schuwald's residence. Karl tells Lotte that he has had several foster parents and that he came to Munich hoping he could find his mother. Karl says that his mother's name is Margot Langer.

After researching about Margot Langer, Karl and Lotte decide to further investigate Schuwald following him at night. This leads them into Munich's Red Light District. They see Schuwald coming out of an apartment building and Karl decides to go upstairs and fin who did Schuwald see.

They meet a prostitute, Blue Sophie, who claims to be Margot Langer. The prostitute tells them that Schuwald gives her money because he is the mother of his child. Lotte realizes that Karl is Schuwald's son, but Karl does not believe Blue Sophie, since Margot Langer was killed one year back.

Blue Sophie admits that she is faking being Margot Langer, and accuses Karl of also faking being Schuwald's son in order to inherit his state. Blue Sophie mentions there is another person claiming to be Schuwald's son, who also works at Schuwald's residence on Thursdays. Lotte tells Karls that he saw the Thursday's Boy once: he had blonde hair and a pretty face.

After learning he is Schuwald's son, Karls is decide to find who is trying to supplant him. Karl remembers when his mother sent him to an orphanage and asked him ot not to try looking for Georg Hans Schuwald, his father.

Lotte learns the name of the Thursday's Boy: Edmund Fahren. Lotte and Karl look for Edmund in the university. At Schuwald's place, Schuwald asks Karl who are his parents, he tells him that he is adopted and Schuwald asks if he is not interested in knowing who his real parents are. Schuwald mentions that he thinks he has finally found his real son, a boy who is not after his money.

Karl and Lotte still search Edmund Fahren. They go to his dormroom and find him dead hanging from the ceiling. Lotte introduces the boy working with Schuwald on Fridays to Karl.



  • Edmund Fahren


  • Schuwald is known as the Vampire of Bayern. Bayern is the German name for Bavaria. Munich, where Schuwald lives, is the capital of the German state of Bavaria.
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