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This contains the full timeline of Monster and Another Monster

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1896 - 1962 1965 - 1978 1979 - 1991 1992 - 2007

1896 - 1962


  • Terner Poppe is born (Bonaparta’s father)




  • Franz Bonaparta falls in love with a girl in his village, but loses out to his father. He then brainwashed him out of anger.


  • Viera Černá is born.
  • Franz Bonaparta leaves his hometown and attended college and got degrees as a psychologist, psychiatrist, and neurosurgeon.




  • Bonaparta gets interested in an actress and later gets married to her
  • Hermann Führ is born. (people in the mid-90s described him as a man in his 40s, so this could give or take a good five years)
  • Helenka Nováková is born (August 12).



  • The Magnificent Steiner starts airing in Germany and France.


  • Bonaparta leaves his pregnant wife and starts personality reprogramming experiments as a part of the Czech Secret Police
  • Jaromír Lipský is born

1965 - 1978

Mid 1960's

  • Bonaparta began reading seminars at the Red Rose Mansion



  • Grimmer leaves Kinderheim 511 and undergoes training to become a spy
  • Klaus Poppe's "The God of Peace" is published






  • Viera was abducted from Brno University and placed under surveillance after she and her partner tried to resist "The Program"
    • Johan and Nina’s father is executed
  • Halenka Novakova and Hans Georg Schuwald meet



  • Bonaparta publish The Nameless Monster under the pen name Emil Sebe
  • Margot Langer (aka Helenka Nováková) mysteriously disappears
  • Karl Neuman is born
  • Reichwein goes back to college and studies psychology, then stays at the university to earn his teaching credentials


  • Tenma leaves Japan and heads to Germany

1979 - 1991


  • Tenma enrolls in the Dusseldorf University Medical School, also being attended by Rudy Gillen.
    • After he graduates, Tenma is hired as a neurosurgeon at Eisler Memorial Hospital.


  • Hans Schuwald meets Viera Černá
    • While looking for Margot, Schuwald pays a visit to her best friend in Prague to see if she knows of the woman's whereabouts, but Viera is unable to provide him with any information. This is also Schuwald's first encounter with the twins.


  • Anna is taken to the Red Rose Mansion
    • Viera has to decide which of her children will be experimented on by Bonaparta and his organization. Anna is chosen in the end and is taken to the Red Rose Mansion for days. (It is unknown if Viera knew who she chose as the twins were both dressed the same). During this time, Viera is also taken away and Johan stays at the Three Frogs, awaiting his sister's return.
  • The reading seminars at the Red Rose Mansion come to an end
  • 42 people died at the Red Rose Mansion
    • Bonaparta poisoned everyone who participated in the eugenics experiment with nitric acid in their wine.
    • The scene is witnessed by young Anna Liebert who runs home to tell her brother everything she experienced after a brief confrontation with Franz Bonaparta
  • Johan and Anna burn down the Three Frogs
    • Viera tells her children they must live on their own. Consequently, Johan and Anna burn down the Three Frogs and leave Prague


  • Bonaparta moves to the village of Ruhenheim
  • Johan and Anna travel through Czechoslovakia
    • Johan and Anna travel through Czechoslovakia. During this period, they spend time with various people who takes them in.


  • Helmut Wolf finds the twins on the Czech-German border and saves their lives


  • Kinderheim 511 Massacre takes place
    • Johan arranged the massacre at Kinderheim 511
    • Only he and Christof Sievernich survive, and they make plans to meet again in the future.


  • Johan and Anna are adopted by the Lieberts (In March)
    • Johan and Anna are adopted by the Liebert couple. After settling in, they are paid a visit by Franz Bonaparta which causes Johan to kill their new parents. Anna finds out her brother is the killer, not only of the Lieberts, but all their other foster parents, and, as a result, shoots him in the head.

This is where the story starts

  • Johan is operated on by Doctor Kenzo Tenma (In April)
    • After being shot in the head by Anna, Johan is rushed to Eisler Memorial Hospital and receives treatment from Doctor Tenma, who saves the boy's life over that of the town mayor's and consequently loses his position as the head of neurosurgery.
  • Shortly after three of Tenma's superiors are poisoned by Johan
    • Johan and Anna then disappears
  • Johan and Anna live with a man called Rheinhard Dinger
  • Tenma is suspected for murder by Heinrich Lunge
    • After conflict with Lunge, Tenma resumes his position and the case goes unsolved
  • Johan and Anna travel to Heidelberg to live with a new family (in May)
    • Johan later disappears (around October) from Heidelberg, leaving his sister in the care of the Fortners. He plans to come "pick her up" on their twentieth birthday.


  • Reichwein begins his private couselling service
  • Johan moves to Munich and lives there under the name Franz Heinau (in March)


  • Johan leaves Munich and heads for Koln, where uses the alias Michael Reichmann (around April)


  • Bonaparta publish the storybook Das Ruhenheim (The Peaceful Home) under the pen name Helmuth Voss
  • Hermann Führ publishes Dorn in the Darkness
  • Johan leaves Koln
    • A fire conveniently starts where Johan's school and identification records are kept in Koln; he disappears after this
  • Peter Čapek comes to Germany
    • Peter escapes from the Czech Republic to Germany and gets involved with right-wing extremists after destroying the life of his "friend," Milan, who invited him over to Germany in the first place.
  • Johan moves in with the Schumanns
    • After leaving Koln, Johan lives with the Schumanns in Hanover for about a year. The couple claims he is the child of a relative.


  • Johan stays with a couple in Hamburg
  • Johan moves in with the Lieberts
    • Johan goes to Bruntal and lands himself with some new foster parents. Coincidentally, this couple's last name is Liebert and they have a deceased son named Johan, so Johan let them believe that he is their son. The new family moves to Offenbach Hesse.
    • He does not spend much time with his parents, but doesn't kill them until after he leaves Munich eight years later.
  • Johan organizes an underground money laundering business

1992 - 2007


  • Herman Fuhr, also known as Fritz Weindler, faked his death to get away from Peter Čapek
  • Johan and Halenka start living together
    • Halenka (aka Margot Langer) retires from prostitution and starts living with Johan in an apartment located in Offenbach Hesse.


  • Adolf Junkers' trio is hired by Johan
    • Adolf Junkers, along with two other men, is hired by Johan to carry out some of the murders in the middle-aged couple killings.

1995 - 1998


  • Gustav Kottmann begins his five-year killing spree
  • Lunge finds a link between Junkers and the killings of middle-aged couples (Around March)
  • Johan and Tenma meet after nine years (in April)
    • Johan kills off two out of three of the men he hired in 1993, but Junkers manages to escape. He gets hit by a car while escaping, and receives treatment from Tenma. Johan comes to kill Junkers and, in the process, meets his old doctor.
  • Tenma gives his testimony to Lunge
    • Tenma gives his testimony to Lunge then starts investigating Johan's whereabouts. He is led to Johan's sister, Anna Liebert, who currently using the name Nina Fortner.
  • Anna's parents are murdered (May)
    • Anna's parents and Jacob Maurer are killed as a result of Johan's plans. She and Tenma escape and live in a shack for the next few days while she begins recalling some memories of her past.
  • Tenma becomes a suspect in the killings of Anna's parents and a gardener at Heidelberg Castle.
  • Anna meets Mr. Rosso
    • Anna moves to a small village and starts working at an Italian restaurant run by a man named Mr. Rosso. The owner is a former hitman who Anna is hoping will teach her how to kill, but when she realizes how different he has become from his former self, she decides not to.
  • Tenma investigates Johan's past while trying to evade the poice
    • Tenma investigates Kinderheim 511 and Johan's past. In the process, he saves the life of a young boy named Dieter and contacts his former classmate, Rudy Gillen. After Gillen finally comes to believe in Tenma's testimony, he begins trying to help prove both his innocence and the existence of Johan.


  • Anna goes to Frankfurt
    • Anna leaves the town she was staying in and ventures to Frankfurt, trying to find and kill her brother. She crosses paths with Geidlitz and The Baby's organization.
  • Johan abandons the underground bank
    • Johan abandons the underground bank. When others involved find out about this, they lose their minds deciding how the money will be distributed, causing a massacre to break out.
  • Tenma travels to Frankfurt
    • Investigating the murder of the Springers, a family Johan stayed with, Tenma travels to Frankfurt. At their estate, he meets a thief named Otto Heckel.
  • The Baby and Capek try to burn the Turkish district of Frankfurt
    • The Baby, Peter Capek, and other right-wing extremists try to burn down Frankfurt's Turkish district as a "welcome party" for Johan, but are stopped by Tenma, Anna, Dieter, and Heckel.
  • Helenka Nováková is murdered due to her association with Johan (November 2)


  • Johan enrolls in the University of Munich
  • Edmund Farren and Richard Braun are [indirectly] murdered by Johan
  • Johan becomes Schuwald's secretary
  • Karl Schuwald and his father are reunited with the help of Johan
  • Johan faints after coming into contact with Emil Sebe's The Nameless Monster
  • Anna encounters "The Nameless Monster" for the first time since her childhood
    • Lotte introduces to Anna a children's story known as "The Nameless Monster" then subsequently asks if she's Johan's twin sister.
  • Schuwald's book donation ceremony goes up in flames (September 4th)
  • Johan, Anna & Dieter, Tenma, and Lunge separately go to Prague
  • Tenma meets Wolfgang Grimmer who helps him cross the border to Czech
  • Mikhail Petrov (the former director of Kinderheim 511) is murdered by Johan (dressed as Anna), in his home in Prague.

October 1997 - February 1998

  • All the events in the Prague arc take place
    • Grimmer, Jan Suk and Tenma's involvement with the Czech Secret Police
    • Anna recovering her lost memories in The Red Rose Mansion and is found by Jaromír Lipský, where she and Dieter stays for three months (until February).
    • Lunge, who has been pursuing Tenma with great persistence, also uncovers the truth and learns he really is innocent.
    • Tenma is apprehended by the police after paying a visit to Bonaparta's former editor, Tomas Zobak. (December)


  • "The Sleeping Monster" is published by Hermann Führ
  • Fearing for Eva's safety, Tenma breaks out of prison, with the help of Gunther Milch
  • Milan Koláš attempts to kill Peter Čapek at the Rödelheim Convention Center, but fails and is killed by the police
  • Three murders are carried out to cover Christof’s mistakes
  • Christoph, a Kinderheim survivor and member of the right-wing extremists, makes three fatal mistakes. Johan manipulates three serial murderers to kill several individuals, thus covering Christoph's errors.
  • Tenma goes to Prague
  • The Red Rose Mansion is burned down to the ground by Johan
    • During the burning of the mansion, Johan encountered Hermann Führ, the superior pupil Bonaparta created.
    • Fuhr remarks that Johan was speaking to himself, saying, "The the Landscape of the End, there will be only he and I."
  • Eva and Martin meet
    • Martin is hired to escort Eva Heinemann around to parties so she can point Johan out to the neo-Nazi group looking to introduce him and Christof Sievernich (unbeknownst to everyone else, the two already know each other).
  • Eva brings Johan and Christoph together
  • Martin is killed in a gun fight, when he and Eva tries to run away
  • Eva begins pursuing Christof
    • Eva decides that she wants to be the one to kill Johan, and figures she can most likely learn of his whereabouts through Christof.
  • During a confrontation between the two, Christof almost shoots Eva, but Tenma arrives with perfect timing and saves her life. Christof, who has been shot in the ear, is taken to a hospital.
  • The Baby is murdered
    • Inner conflict between the extremists results in Christoph hiring a hit woman to kill The Baby.
  • Peter Čapek meets Johan
    • Hearing of The Baby's death, Peter Čapek tries to escape to his mountain villa. In the process, he loses his sanity and ends up killing his driver. When Čapek eventually arrives, he encounters Johan and informs him that Franz Bonaparta is still alive.
  • Čapek meets Nina
    • Čapek meets with Anna and tells her about her past/for what purposes she and Johan were created.
  • Johan and Anna's reunion
    • Johan and Anna are finally reunited and confront each other about their pasts. Anna nearly commits suicide after their talk but is rescued by Tenma. Afterwards, Peter Čapek appears and tells Tenma that Bonaparta's son is alive in Prague, and that he also gave this information to Johan. Following his message, Čapek is shot to death.
  • Locating Franz Bonaparta
    • Johan pays a visit to Jaromír Lipský (not shown) and learns of Franz Bonaparta's current location. He begins wrapping things up by killing his underlings. Lipsky is also paid visits by Tenma and Lunge, who are able to determine Bonaparta's location with his help.
  • Anna is hospitalized for a few months as she recovers from the trauma of the reunion.
  • The Ruhenheim Massacre
    • The townsfolk starts killing each others
    • Roberto and Grimmer die from fatal injuries
    • Bonaparta is shot dead by Roberto
    • Johan is shot in the head by Herbert Knaup, whom describes him as "a monster with four heads"


  • Series conclusion
    • Nina and Dieter start school
    • Lunge retires as an officer and becomes a professor
    • Verdemann proves Grimmer's innocence
    • Eva starts working as an interior designer.
  • Tenma tracks down the twins' mother
    • With the help of Heckel, Tenma meets the twins mother
  • Tenma visits Johan in a police hospital
    • Tenma tells him about his mother
    • Johan is supposedly in a comatose state, but he sits up and begins speaking to Tenma. Following Tenma's departure, Johan's bed is seen empty.

Another Monster

  • Kottmann is almost apprehended by the police
    • Gustav Kottmann makes a critical mistake and just barely manages to escape police officials.
    • Following this event, he disappears for about a year. Weber's speculation suggests that he was kept safe by some unknown assassin, also known as Herman Fuhr, the author of "Dorn in the Darkness" and Kottmann's favorite author.


  • Eugene Molke is shot in dead in his home (November 6)
    • Fuhr enters the home of Eugen Molke (Jaroslav Čarek) and threatens him with a gun. Molke resists and tries to shoot the offender, injuring him slightly, but is in turn shot in the temple.
  • A mysterious patient shows up at St. Ursula Emergency Clinc
    • Early morning -- A mysterious man with a bleeding arm shows up for treatment at St. Ursula Emergency Clinic, but disappears right after without leaving a trace (Fuhr)
  • Eugen Molke (revealed by police investigations to be Jaroslav Čarek, formerly a high ranking adviser in Omnipol) is found dead in his home. (Nov 9)
  • Gustav Kottmann goes on a murderous rampage
    • Gustav Kottmann goes on a murderous rampage at the St. Ursula Emergency Clinic in Salzburg, Austria.
    • "Coincidentally," the three people he executes are the only three witnesses who would be able to identify Molke. This is what causes Weber to theorize that Kottmann and whoever murdered Molke had the whole ordeal planned out together (or rather, that Molke's murderer had given Kottmann a false sense of partnership).
    • It reminds Weber of the Johan Liebert, or "J" as the media knows him, case and he becomes inspired to delve deeper into the core of it all.


  • Werner Weber begins his investigations into Johan Liebert and the mysterious Herman Fuhr.
  • Weber disappears
    • After a phone call with Fuhr, Weber disappears, leaving only his notes and the sketch of a figure resembling Johan


  • Takashi Nagasaki discovers a link to Weber's disappearence (March)
    • Six years later, Weber still has yet to be found since his mysterious disappearance.
    • Takashi Nagasaki coincidentally finds out someone is selling original Helmuth VOSS drawings and tries to get his hands on them, but discovers they were bought by someone using the name "Werner Weber."
  • Another Monster conclusion (May)
    • Takashi Nagasaki finally comes into contact with the person who bought the sketches under the name Werner Weber, and finds out it's not the former reporter, but an individual involved with shady book dealers.
    • He confronts the man, who tells him his client said to destroy the sketches as soon as he got them. When Nagasaki asks him to describe the buyer, he says it's a person who sits next to one of the world's most powerful political leaders, and that they plan to recreate Bonaparta's experiments.
    • "Werner Weber" also tells Nagasaki that his client plans to get in contact with Herman Fuhr, claiming he is the next generation VOSS.