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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Unrelated Murders is the sixty-third episode of the anime.


One day before retiring, Inspector Weißbach, who was initially assigned to investigate the case of the Lieberts' murders, escorts Reinhard Dinger, a convicted serial killer.

Dinger, who worked as a taxi driver, explains that he killed his victims because they had unmoral behaviors: having sex in the back of his car, spitting on him, a prostitute who tried to pay for her trip with her body, all of them were trash, according to DInger. Weißbach then asks Dinger how his last victim, a banker, would be considered trash. Weißbach points out that the banker was about to reveal a massive financial scandal before his death. Dinger says he had no choice in that case.

Dinger recalls the time that he saw a man beating his dog in a park. Dinger, angered, started hitting the man until the police came and stopped him. A boy then appeared and said that the man had started fighting first and, thus, Dinger was not arrested. Dinger offered the boy to drive him home, but the boy said he had no home and, on top of that, he was accompanied by her twin sister and both of them looked like they have escaped from the hospital. Weißbach infers that the twins he talked about were Johan and Anna Liebert.

Dr. Gillen interviews several murderers who also committed killings that did not match their usual modus operandi. A man that thought that he was a vampire tells how a young man, who he refer to as "the real thing" and a "real vampire" wrote a girl's name in a sandbox in a park in Griesheim asking him to kill her.

Another one, who kills people because the aliens ordered him to, just killed someone outside of his regular area. The man says that he met a real alien who inspired him and asked him to kill, he also tells that he met this alien in a park in Griesheim.

Dr. Gillen and Inspector Weißbach meet and realize that the three men killed their latest victims because they were asked to by a young man who, most likely, was Johan Liebert.


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