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Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows.

Welcome Home is the sixty-sixth episode of the anime.


Peter Čapek tells Nina how she and Johan were created. They were part of an eugenics experiment in Czechoslovakia intended to create the best and brightest children. For that, they paired men and women with the highest standars of race, intelligence, bone structure, athletic ability, etc.

Their mother, Viera Černá, was a talented woman majoring in genetics and his father was a soldier. They fell in love and she got pregnant. Aftewards, their father revealed to her that it all was part of an experiment and told her to ran away. But they were captured. Their father was presumably killed an Viera was taken into confinement. Franz Bonaparta, who was the mastermind behind the experiment, often visited Viera in the facility.

When Viera was about to give birth, she was moved to another room and there she managed to escape trough the vents; nevertheless, she collapsed a few meters from the place. She was taken back to the facility and gave birth. Soon, Peter Čapek and Bonaparta visited her to see the babies, who later were taken away from her.

In the car, Nina learns, as Johan already did, that Franz Bonaparta is still alive. Then, they arrive to an abandoned building.

Tenma drives Christof Sievernich to an hospital and Eva interrogates Christof about Johan's location. Eva leaves the car to make a phone call to the hospital. Christoff tells Tenma that Johan wants to see him, therefore, he tells him where he is. Tenma leaves, without Eva, leaving Christoff in the car. Christoff tells Eva that Tenma said that he would go alone because he did not want to involve Eva any further into this.

Nina enters the buiding and sees Johan. Then, she recalls how they fled Prague after a fire in the Three Frogs (probably caused by Johan). Then, they were sheltered by a couple of farmers who Johan killed afterwards.

Johan welcomes Nina back, but she tells him that he has killed all the people that were kind to them. Nina points her gun at Johan and tells him that she will shoot him the same way she did in 1986 to finish everything.



  • Vierna Černá: "Even if I die, these babies, growing inside of me, will definitely have their revenge."
  • Franz Bonaparta: "There's no need for names."
  • Johan Liebert: "The end. I've seen the end many times. What is the end?"


  • The twins' mother is a geneticist from Brno. Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, is also from Brno.
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